Septic Service Available In Portland, OR

Portland, OR Portland Septic Pros is pleased to share that local customers may now call on an expert’s help in the event they experience problems with their septic system. The company has taken multiple measures to ensure staff and customer safety during inspections, installations and repairs, and they expect that they will not face much difficulty working around the challenges posed by the pandemic. Today, they urge their community not to hesitate to call for professional assistance if they suspect there is an issue with their septic tank.

While certain homeowners may be tempted to ignore small issues with their septic system for now (perhaps believing that it would be best to wait for a better opportunity), the company states that this would be unwise. Portland Septic Pros firmly states, “If you notice a lack of pressure or a leak with your septic system, the right thing to do is get in touch with us immediately and schedule an inspection. Small leaks and so on are relatively easy to rectify in their infancy, but what represents a minor annoyance today can easily devolve into a much larger emergency that needs expensive repairs. With so many households being forced to be careful with their finances this year, no one wants to be strapped with a much larger bill if they can help it.”

The company also understands that households will justifiably be wary of letting strangers onto their property as this may interfere with their social distancing efforts. Fortunately, however, the company is pleased to report that they are taking the pandemic extremely seriously and have implemented additional procedures to minimize the risks. This includes proactively managing employee shifts to reduce interpersonal contact, mandating masks at all times and carrying out all necessary communication through secondary means. While this may mean customers can discuss what they need with the company’s technicians in person as long as they keep a certain distance apart, communication can also take place via email, phone and so on.

“Your septic system can pose many health hazards if it is not properly maintained,” observes Portland Septic Pros. “Since customer safety has been one of our core tenets since we first opened our doors to the public, modifying our routine to account for the pandemic was a natural progression of that commitment. You can call us for help with your septic system without any fear whatsoever.” Learn more here:

Even before the onset of the pandemic, Portland Septic Pros was known to be one of the most reliable septic tank services in the region — if not the most. Their team of experienced inspectors have all undergone professional training and spent years in the industry helping customers who experienced every sort of issue imaginable with their septic systems. Furthermore, the company has a strong commitment to maintain transparency with their customers, which means they will always be honest about a job’s requirements, including the actions that will be taken to rectify the problem as well as what it will cost. This, coupled with their technicians’ polite and customer-centric nature, makes Portland Septic Pros an asset to their community.

Currently, the company recommends that homeowners have their septic system inspected a few times a year in order to make sure that everything is in order. Such inspections can also help uncover minor problems and give the homeowner an opportunity to address them promptly. However, the community should also be aware that Portland Septic Pros provides a great number of septic services in addition to inspection and maintenance. These include new tank installations, pumping, cleaning (which can be completed along with an inspection), sewer hookup and decommissioning and more.

Further detail regarding the company’s services can be found on their website, and local residents are welcome to reach out to the Portland Septic Pros office in order to follow up on any further inquiries. Additionally, the company can be reached through their social media platforms where they regularly publish insight on the industry as well as other news and announcements. They will also be happy to answer any questions from customers who wish to inquire after the company’s pandemic response procedures.


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