Senor Spore Announces Store To Buy Shrooms Online

Senor Spore, a Canadian company, is announcing their mail order store for purchasing Magic Mushrooms. The company offers a solution for people looking to buy shrooms online in Canada. They offer raw strains of psilocybe cubensis, as well as forms which may be easier to consume or specifically microdose, such as microdose capsules, as well as edible gummies and chocolate. These forms can make the experience of using shrooms, or magic mushrooms, more accessible to people who aren’t comfortable consuming or dosing raw mushrooms.

Psilocybe cubensis, the best known strain of psilocybin mushrooms, contains psycholactive ingredients psilocybin and psilocin, which are known for their psychedelic effects. People who consume products containing psilocybin or psilocin may experience euphoria, hallucinations, or changes in their perception. Some users find their sense of time changes, others find the experience to be deeply spiritual. For these reasons, many people across a number of cultures in history have used psilocybin mushrooms for a variety of spiritual and recreational purposes. The most recent resurgence in their use was in the 1960s, and now they are becoming popular again, as more and more people learn about how to cultivate psilocybin mushrooms and information spreads about their potential benefits for mental health and well being.

Senor Spore

Senor Spore has a vision of a world where more people get the chance to experience psychedelics, such as magic mushrooms, and they aim to support that mission by making it easy for people in Canada to buy shrooms online. Senor Spore sells their products to all Canadian adults with a valid postal code, so any adult in Canada who can receive mail can place an order on Senor Spore’s website and expect their purchase to arrive, discreetly packaged, within 2-3 business days. They even offer free shipping for orders over $149, making them a great place to go for mail order shrooms in Canada. Customers looking to save money can also buy their shrooms in bulk: Senor Spore offers a discount of over 50% when customers buy by the oz, rather than in smaller 1/8 or 1/4 portions. In addition to raw shrooms of various strains, they also offer more processed products which many will find easier to use.

One option they have available is microdose capsules, which contain a tiny dose of psilocybin, not enough for a person to feel high, but enough for some of the other effects of shrooms to come through, when taken consistently over time. One bottle, the “Spark Microdose Caps”, which offer 150mg of Golden Teacher mushrooms per capsule, suggests taking one capsule 2-3 times per week. The company’s website claims that people who take these capsules probably won’t notice any effects immediately, but may find it easier to look at the world through a more positive lens after several weeks. The website goes on to suggest that some people try microdosing magic mushrooms because they want a greater sense of calm, or a more positive and optimistic outlook on life. Others may add microdosed shrooms to their routine to increase their feelings of compassion and gratitude towards the world. Some people may also use microdosing to be more creative, or stay more alert, or possibly even reduce their incidences of anxiety or depression.

Customers interested in purchasing psilocybin products from Senor Shrooms can also choose from a variety of shroom edibles, including several flavors of psilocybin gummies, carefully dosed with 1000mg of dried mushrooms, which is a recommended starting dose for anyone looking to experience a high from magic mushrooms. For people who prefer chocolate to gummies, there are also options available, including a pack of five milk chocolate bunnies, each containing half a gram of dried mushrooms. Senor Spore encourages anyone using their products or trying out magic mushrooms for the first time start slow, with small doses, until they get to know how the psilocybin affects their body and brain, since everybody who tries magic mushrooms has a different reaction to them, based on their particular body chemistry. Senor Spore Images are available online for anyone curious about the company or mail order magic mushrooms in Canada.

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