Senior Votes Count – Even When Living In A Retirement Home

This year’s election has been deemed one of the most crucial among all presidential elections. There have already been more votes cast than in recent elections; this says a lot. Unfortunately, some demographics are facing more obstacles in terms of voting.

Seniors that reside in retirement homes or assisted living facilities are among these demographics. Senior Care Center wants to help spread the word that these particular seniors should still make their voice heard in this year’s election.

For seniors who are in a retirement home or other assisted living facility, they may not have the option of getting in their vehicle and driving to a polling place to cast their vote. But this doesn’t mean that they should just ‘not’ vote,” the owner said. “It’s especially a trying year due to the pandemic we’re facing and the fact that seniors’ health is even more at risk with potential exposure to the virus.

Seniors should still make their voice heard, regardless and Senior Care Center is aiming to help all seniors safely cast their vote. Absentee ballots are an option but before a vote can be counted it must have the correct information in terms of the individual’s address. Voting by mail is one of the safest options for seniors, regardless of where they live.

To be exact, this year’s election has likely seen the most mail-in ballots in comparison to prior elections. And that is due to Covid-19. Seniors also have an option to use the mobile polling that is available in 23 states. It’s a safe way to make a vote count without risking Covid exposure at a local polling place.

Early voting is another option and one that many seniors may want to consider this year,” the owner said. “Family members can drive their elderly loved ones to the polling place and ensure they wear a mask (and even gloves) to protect themselves.

Voting at the polls on Election Day is also an option. And for seniors in assisted living facilities they can likely arrange transportation through the facility to go cast their vote. Unfortunately, the facility may not be offering these transportation arrangements due to Covid so they need to be contacted first.

Some facilities may not want residents entering the facility after they have gone to vote in person,” the owner added. “It’s important to find out what the procedure is for your particular facility before going to vote, only to learn that you can’t re-enter the facility right away afterwards.”

Should seniors in assisted living facilities have the option to go vote in person, they need to remember their protective gear including face mask and possibly gloves. But they can also take their own pen and visit the polling place during non-peak hours. Early morning is typically the busiest and more crowded. Waiting until midday is a more viable option for those at higher risk of Covid exposure.

We want seniors to know their voice still matters, even if they can’t get themselves to the poll on their own,” the owner stated. “Just remember to take precautions and utilize measures that will further protect you when visiting the polls.”

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