Senior Care Center Shares Information About The Best Foods For Seniors For Healthy Living

Senior Care Center, an organization that helps the elderly find and move into assisted living facilities and nursing homes, has shared information regarding the best foods that should be included in the diet for healthy senior living.

As the body ages, it becomes more important to pay attention to one’s diet. Foods and eating habits that were appealing at a younger age become difficult to sustain as the body changes. A diet with a high quantity of fats, sugars, and cholesterol can be harmful as it can hasten ailments such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The body’s need for nutrition also changes as it becomes even more important to include minerals such as calcium in the diet to make up for the loss in calcium levels. Calcium level decreases with age due to loss of appetite and reduction of the efficiency with which kidneys retain it. The same is applicable for other vital nutrients such as vitamins and proteins.

There is a misconception that quick fixes like supplement pills are enough to make up for the lack of nutrients in the diet. The only way to ensure that the body is getting everything it needs is to maintain a balanced diet that incorporates all the essential food groups. According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the ideal diet for seniors should consist of fruits and vegetables, whether they are fresh, frozen, or canned, dark green vegetables like broccoli and green beans, as well as orange vegetables like carrots, fewer red meats and more variation of protein options with fish and beans, at least three ounces of whole-grains such as cereals, bread, and crackers daily, three servings of low-fat or fat-free dairy fortified with vitamin D for better bone health, and healthy fats (polyunsaturated and monounsaturated) while avoiding trans and saturated fats.

A high-quality senior home or assisted living center will take the worry of cooking healthy and delicious food off the resident. They will see to it that the food is prepared up to a standard of quality that makes it not only palatable to most residents but also highly nutritious. They can even run multiple diet plans for groups of residents who have similar diet preferences. Some senior care homes will also include an onsite dietician to ensure that the food being prepared is up to par and beneficial for the residents. It is very important to list all dietary restrictions and communicate them to a senior care advisor, like those from Senior Care Center when trying to find a senior home for one’s elderly. A senior care advisor will narrow down the options of senior homes based on the client’s needs. Seniors and family members can read more about the role a senior care advisor plays on the Senior Care Center’s website.

Senior Care Center also shares other dietary tips such as keeping a healthy intake of vitamin D and calcium for healthier bones, taking Vitamin B12 to promote healthy nerves and blood cells, and reducing anemia, taking potassium for reducing blood pressure, and consuming Omega-3 fatty acids for better metabolism. Apart from this, the diet should be light on sodium and sugars to prevent the onset or exacerbation of conditions such as blood pressure and diabetes.

A healthy balanced diet will also work to improve the resident’s mental health as it leaves them satisfied daily. Socializing over the meal is also an important aspect of the positive effect that senior care homes have on the residents. Bonding with friends and acquaintances over a meal is a great way to keep one’s outlook bright.

Senior Care Center recommends that families should confirm whether the food being cooked at a senior care home is prepared by a certified chef. That will ensure that the food their loved ones eat will keep them happy and healthy for a long time. The end goal is to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for all the residents of a senior care home.

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