Senior Care Center Reports on the Status of COVID 19 Vaccine Distribution in California

Senior Care Center, an online resource aimed at helping people find the perfect retirement home for their loved ones, has reported on the California Vaccination Progress for the COVID-19 vaccine distribution status in California, particularly for local assisted living facilities. While the usual vaccine clinical trial process takes around 10 to 15 years to process, the FDA has granted emergency authorization to the COVID-19 vaccines developed by Pfizer and Moderna, who have been able to distribute more than 41 million doses across the US.

Meanwhile, the State of California has already received 4.1 million doses of the vaccine and about 48 percent of it has been given for a total of almost 2 million shots. The plan for California is an equitable distribution and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine across the state while prioritization is focused on people who, if vaccinated, will have the most substantial impact on the protection of the overall population from the virus. Thus, higher priority is given to those people who have greater risks of exposure and those who have a higher risk of experiencing severe symptoms.

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Healthcare workers have the first priority for getting the vaccine because of their greater risk of exposure and because their work contributes to maintaining the capacity of the healthcare system in California. By keeping the healthcare workers healthy, the services for fighting COVID can be maintained and the appropriate care can be provided for those who require medical care.

Of particular interest to senior citizens and their loved ones is the fact that long-term care residents are next in priority after the healthcare workers. This is due to their increased risk of having severe symptoms from COVID-19 and because they live in relatively crowded areas. Because of their underlying conditions and their age, long-term care residents make up 6 percent of California’s COVID cases and 34 percent of COVID deaths.

Meanwhile, Senior Care Center provides help to seniors and their loved ones in finding assisted living facilities ( These facilities are different from other senior care homes because they are focused on providing the basic needs of seniors plus some medical attention. While each assisted living facility will have various levels of amenities, all of them will provide assistance in the seniors’ activities for daily life, which are vital functions for maintaining general welfare. These include activities like walking, feeding, taking a bath, toileting, dressing, and more. If seniors have mobility problems or have challenges in doing some of those activities themselves, it may be time to let them seek help in an assisted living community.

For seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, memory care homes can provide the amenities and services that can help them in their daily living activities. They provide a prevalent support system for helping residents with regards to their personal care, such as eating, taking a bath, getting dress, toileting, ensuring that they take their medication, and other daily living activities. Memory care homes also provide other conveniences and amenities, such as social activities, well-balanced meals every day, physical therapy, fitness programs, laundry, and housekeeping. There are various kinds of accommodations, budget-friendly alternatives, and programs that are sponsored by the government that meet certain financial plans.

Another type of accommodation for seniors that Senior Care Center can help people in finding is the residential care home. These are usually residential homes or communal homes that can house six or fewer residents. They have a homey feel, thus providing the seniors with a comfortable and relaxed living space. There are also additional living options for seniors, such as independent living facilities, senior apartments, and nursing homes. Independent living is for seniors who want to keep an independent lifestyle. Senior apartments are for seniors with ages 55 and above and are in good health. And nursing homes are for seniors who need 24-hour personal care and medical care services.

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