Senior Care Center Provides Info on COVID 19 Vaccine Distribution Status in San Mateo CA

The San Mateo location of Senior Care Center is providing information regarding the status of COVID-19 vaccine distribution in the San Mateo, California area. At present, the San Mateo County Health is busy working through the various phases of distribution as fast as they can to deliver the limited supply of the vaccine to certain priority groups. Thus, they are now vaccinating the members of the Phase 1A group, which are the healthcare workers and long-term care facilities. Also included in the vaccination schedule are Phase 1B group members who are San Mateo County residents aged 65 and older, depending on the availability of the vaccine supply. Veterans need to be enrolled with the Veterans Administration to get the vaccine.

Most of the residents of San Mateo County will be getting the vaccine through their primary care provider. Those who don’t belong to the priority groups may want to contact their health care provider to know how and when they will receive the vaccine. For those who don’t have insurance, it is important to note that health insurance is not required for a person to get the vaccine. Those who don’t have health insurance but have a healthcare provider can contact their health care provider. Those who don’t have a provider may want to sign up for an affordable health plan.

San Mateo County and the State of California are both determined to ensure equitable distribution of the vaccine. However, during the early phases of the vaccine rollout, the focus is on healthcare workers, long-term care residents, and older adults aged 65 and above. Meanwhile, San Mateo County Health is currently in a community outreach effort to talk to leaders of various communities that have barriers to vaccine access and acceptance.

Senior Care Center San Mateo offers a free online resource to help people find assisted living facilities for their loved ones. At present, most of these facilities are busy with the COVID-19 vaccinations because the residents are among the priority groups for receiving the vaccine. More about Senior Care Center and what they are doing can be gleaned from

Assisted living facilities are designed to offer the basic requirements of seniors, including medical care. Each particular assisted living facility will be different from other similar facilities with regards to the amenities provided. However, all of them will be offering help to the residents with regards to their daily activities, such as taking a bath, eating, toileting, dressing, taking a walk and more. Seniors that have issues with mobility or have difficulties with certain daily routine activities are candidates for living in an assisted living facility.

Other kinds of senior care facilities are also available, depending on the needs of the seniors. Thus, for those with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, memory care homes can offer the necessary services to help them with their daily living routine. Plus, various levels of amenities may also be provided depending on the specific facility. A support system is provided to assist the residents of memory care homes regarding their personal care needs, such as taking their meals, taking a bath, toileting, dressing, take their daily medication, and other daily living activities. Memory care homes also offer various amenities and conveniences, including well-balanced meals every day, physical therapy, social activities, laundry, housekeeping, and fitness programs. They have different types of accommodations, programs, and budget-friendly options that may be sponsored by the government and are suitable for various budgets.

And then there are the senior apartments, which are for seniors aged 55 and above who are in good health. There are also residential care homes, that similar to residential homes and have a capacity of six or fewer residents. Nursing homes are for seniors who require round the clock medical care and personal care.

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