Senior Care Center Garden Grove Offers Advice on How Nursing Home Workers Can Stay Injury Free

Senior Care Center Garden Grove is an online business that specializes in helping people find appropriate care for their aging loved ones. They also like to provide relevant information on senior-related services and subjects that impact those working in senior-related healthcare fields. A good example of this is a recent article they brought attention to which points out the need for healthcare workers that assist seniors to take steps to remain safe in their workplace. The company advises that although potential dangers may not be as obvious in a senior assistance environment, they are still there nonetheless. They encourage all healthcare workers that assist seniors to learn more about how they can remain safe and injury-free at their workplaces.

Casey Ryeback, a representative of Senior Care Center Garden Grove, says, “Injuries to those working in healthcare fields that relate to senior assistance are much more common than one would expect. That’s why when it comes to keeping healthcare workers that assist seniors injury-free, safety is just as important for caregivers as it is for construction workers. This is why we at the Senior Care Center feel it’s important to spread awareness to this fact by talking about the different steps caregivers can take to stay safe at work.”

Ryeback says this is an important subject because as time goes on a bigger percentage of Americans than ever before will be made up of the elderly. This is one of the reasons that senior-related healthcare jobs are expected to explode over the next few decades. He says that means more senior caregivers than ever have a chance to get injured in their workplace. That’s why it’s so important for these healthcare workers to realize how to better avoid getting injured in the workplace. The company spokesperson says it all starts with senior caregivers familiarizing themselves with the safety rules and regulations that have been established at their workplace. He emphasized that it’s also not enough just to know these safety rules and regulations but they must be strictly followed. Mentioned also was that one of the biggest sources of injuries for senior-related healthcare workers is improper lifting; so caregivers need to be proactive when it comes to learning how to properly lift an elderly person. Ryeback also stated that the wearing of proper shoes and recommended protective gear is a must. He pointed out how not being afraid to voice concerns and report safety incidents is vital for caregivers to be able to stay safe as they assist seniors too.

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Ryeback went on to talk about how those at their company realize that it’s not only very tough for family members to watch their elderly love one’s age, but many times they also have to make some tough care decisions that go along with this. That’s why they are happy to help family members with the decisions they need to get the help that their senior loved ones require. He says that they offer support when it comes to finding such senior facilities as assisted living centers, nursing homes, senior apartments, memory care homes, and independent living quarters. By talking to one of their advisors, the company spokesperson says that those that call them will receive compassionate assistance finding the perfect senior living facility to accommodate their elderly loved one’s individual assistance needs.

Those that have used the Senior Care Center’s services have been very impressed with them. Robert Miles stated, “I highly recommend using Senior Care Center if you are looking for an assisted living facility. They have a great staff and can find just the home you need and want for your loved one.” Melody Sellers wrote, “Senior Care Center was there for me during one of the hardest decisions I have ever made. I had to move my mom into assisted living and I would have been distraught without their help. Thank you, Senior Care Center!” These reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Business Listing which can be viewed here at

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