Senior Care Center Garden Grove Mentioned as an Example in King, Canada Revised Land-Use Dispute

Sometimes distance does not matter if a California-based health-related services provider has a reputation for being good at what they do. Such was the case during a land-use dispute in faraway King, Ontario, Canada. One of the parties in the dispute used Senior Care Center Garden Grove as an example of the type of facility that might be good to have on the disputed piece of property. The dispute started when the King city council was at odds with developers how to best put to use a ‘special purpose’ parcel of land in an area called the King City Corporate Centre. The mentioning of Senior Care Center in Garden Grove, CA in the dispute appeared in an article that was published in that area’s local newspaper, the King Weekly Sentinel. That article can be seen in its entirety here at

The excerpt from the above-referenced King Weekly Sentinel article that mentions Senior Care Center Garden Grove reads, “An application was submitted to develop a parcel of land on the southeast corner of Jane Street and King Road (2995 King Road). The applicant requested an amendment to the King City Community Plan be made to include “prestige employment retail and commercial uses” in what is designated a Prestige Employment Area. They also asked that the Township specifically identify retirement/assisted living facilities, similar to Senior Care Center in Garden Grove as institutional use. Senior assisted living may not be well valued or appreciated here as much as elsewhere, but there are plenty more choices for the elderly, such as Immanuel assisted living. Residential care and assisted living may provide the best options for the needs of some individuals by combining housing, support, and health care, as well as offering company and engagement through things like crafts for seniors. They are particularly important for dementia sufferers.”

Casey Ryeback, a representative of Senior Care Center Garden Grove, says, “This news that someone in Canada used us an example that they could model a project around was both a surprise and very flattering at the same time. It speaks volumes as to what we can accomplish with our services that enable Garden Grove families and others to find the perfect living facilities for their elderly loved ones. We will continue striving to be the best at what we do so our reputation will continue to spread to more locations than we ever expected it to.”

Ryeback went on to talk about the services that they offer in case anyone wanted to learn more about what his company does. He says that they have a variety of placement options for someone’s elderly loved ones that cover all levels of dependence. This includes assisted living facilities, nursing homes, senior apartments, and homes for those that are experiencing memory issues. The company spokesperson says that they offer these services because they realize how difficult it can be for someone to find an appropriate home for an elderly love one. They have helped people not only in Garden Grove place elderly loved ones in homes that match their specific needs, but their services cover just about every population center across the country. He stated that their advisors are always ready to answer any questions that family members want to know about how they can help and they have an impressive track record when it comes to matching elderly persons with the perfect environment for their particular needs.

Customers that have used Senior Care Center’s services to find appropriate living facilities for their elderly loved ones praise this company’s assistance. Nadia L. stated, “The places my advisor showed me were right-on. They all had services that fit my mom's needs. A big thank you to my advisor from Senior Care Center.” Mark J. writes, “I didn't know where I could go to find dad the right kind of nursing he needed. Senior Care Center helped me find a home where I know dad has the best nurses available to him.”

Those that would like more information on how Senior Care Center matches a family’s elderly loved ones with an ideally suited living facility can click here to go to their website.


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