Senior Care Center Draws Attention To The Problem Of Nursing Home Abuse

Senior Care Center, a center for helping seniors and their loved ones find assisted living communities all across the country, is drawing attention to the problem of the abuse of seniors in nursing homes. The center cites the example of a recent elder abuse lawsuit that awarded a family $90 million for the wrongful death of their family member. The article regarding the lawsuit can be read in its entirety at

The woman, whose death is the subject of the lawsuit, died at the age of 85 after spending four years at a nursing home. The cause of death was natural. However, her family members alleged that inadequate care from the nursing home staff was the main reason for her death. According to the lawsuit, she suffered a fall while she lived at the nursing home because her medical needs were not met. Ultimately, as compensation, the members of the family were awarded $90 million for the pain and suffering caused. This ruling came on the heels of another lawsuit against the nursing home in which the victim’s family also received more than $90 million in damages. In the latter lawsuit, the family members of the victim alleged that staff members had apparently neglected to provide an elderly woman with adequate fluids which caused her death.

Senior abuse is a serious problem that affects the most vulnerable in society. Those who are ill-equipped to fight back against ill-treatment bear the brunt of negligence the most. All elderly people at the end of their lives deserve excellent care regardless of whether their family is able to provide the care themselves. A lot of families rely on senior care homes to be that second home that they can rely on for fulfilling all the needs of their elderly in their final days. Though in most situations nursing homes are properly vetted for quality and processes and the staff is well trained to handle everyone’s needs, sometimes a few bad apples slip through the cracks giving the entire industry a bad name. It is in these situations that one must turn to a reliable and authoritative voice to provide them with the most up-to-date and accurate information regarding the quality of care provided at nursing homes. Senior Care Center aims to be that resource. Readers can click here to find out more about Senior Care Center.

It is recommended to work with an attorney if a family member suspects that their loved ones were subject to faulty medical care at an assisted living facility. The neglect that the elderly face can not only cause them pain and discomfort, and in some cases lead to their early demise, but it also mentally and emotionally affects the family members who put their full trust in a nursing home when they leave their loved ones in their care. End-of-life care is particularly important as the consequences of poor care are severe. Those who have been in such a situation with a nursing home should be able to receive compensation through a wrongful death claim. Some states have enforced an upper limit on the amount of compensation for medical negligence. However, some nursing homes aren’t subject to these limits.

Senior Care Center schedules free consultation calls with families and seniors who are looking for assisted living facilities for themselves or their loved ones. They patiently hear all of the family’s concerns and respond to them based on their vast experience in the industry. They also assign Senior Care Advisors to the family who find the top 3 senior homes that match the family’s needs and budget from the large network of senior care homes. Senior Care Advisors can also set up tours for a family, help them fill out the paperwork, and will be with the family till the end till they find the perfect home for their elderly loved ones. Readers can learn more about Senior Care Center’s services in Fullerton, CA by visiting its website.


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