Sell A Used Crane With Crane Network LLC

Lemont, IL based Crane Network LLC is reaching out to businesses and other entities across the country that may want to sell a used crane. As many are looking to get rid of unnecessary equipment or perhaps refocus their efforts in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company looks forward to helping their community sell used machinery for the best possible prices. Having been in the crane industry for more than 20 years, their team’s expertise can prove invaluable to sellers as well as buyers who are in the market for a used crane that meets all their needs.

Crane Network’s mission is simple in premise: to assist their customers with the sale or purchase of heavy construction equipment. A project’s timeline (and other factors such as safety) depend on the contractor’s ability to meet certain milestones on time and within budget, and few pieces of machinery can contribute as well to a project’s pace as much as the right kind of crane. As such, contractors are often willing to pay excellent prices to obtain the crane they need to keep their projects on schedule as well as maintain a high standard of safety for their employees.

To facilitate this transaction, however, both buyers and sellers need to communicate a series of details regarding the crane in question, including its make, operational status, features, age and more, in addition to overcoming a number of logistical challenges in order to transport the crane to its intended destination following a purchase — a cost that often increases alongside the distance between the buyer and seller. In addition to this, the status of the crane needs to be verified in order to ensure that it meets the strict requirements of the buyer’s project (or projects).

This is where Crane Network’s agents step in. They are able to evaluate the crane and then list it in such a way that it quickly generates offers from serious buyers, an accomplishment that is often quite difficult for independent contractors or relatively small entities that do not have access to established networks. Crane Network, however, has been involved with such transactions since their inception, and they have developed an extremely wide reach over the years. Whether a client intends to make a sale or has cranes for rent, the company can give them access to a network of industry partners who are available to provide appraisals, inspections, financing, insurance, transportation and a number of other services. Each of these steps is crucial for securing serious buyers, perhaps even more so for used cranes.

As of now, buyers may simply use Crane Network’s online platform (their website) to search through an expansive selection of cranes based on their manufacturer, model, price and even location. The platform also allows users to look for crane parts and associated equipment that can be used to supplement a crane’s functionality (such as forklifts, excavators, wheel loaders and so on). Furthermore, sellers will be pleased to learn that the company boasts a global network of users, effectively giving them an audience that spans the globe if they so choose to utilize it.

As part of their marketing efforts, Crane Network can take several steps to get a seller’s machinery out in front of prospective buyers. For instance, the platform can highlight the seller’s company as well as their equipment in an email blast campaign that reaches their entire network, a large number of whom are opt-in subscribers who are eager to learn about such offers. A crane that is available for sale may also be featured on the platform’s homepage, making it the first item visitors see upon opening the website. With featured listings such as these, social media promotions and much more, sellers have several avenues through which to market their cranes with Crane Network’s aid.

Those who wish to examine the platform’s packages in greater detail are welcome to visit the Crane Network website to get started. Alternatively, sellers may contact Ron Selby Jr., a member of the team of crane brokers at Crane Network, directly to follow up on any further inquiries. The company can also be reached through their social media channels.


For more information about Crane Network LLC, contact the company here:

Crane Network LLC
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