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Round Rock, TX based Taylor Made Fitness Training recently published a blog post that aims to encourage women to take up self-defense. The post, titled ‘Reasons for women to take up self-defense,’ explores some of the reasons why women should look into learning how to defend themselves. It also sheds light on how they may go about finding a reliable teacher with the knowledge and skill needed to teach women how to protect themselves. Given that women are one of the most vulnerable groups, even in the safest neighborhoods, the center feels that this is crucial information to have.

Muggers and other potential assailants tend to target women as they are perceived as easy targets compared to their male counterparts. This makes even a small amount of self-defense training a valuable asset for any woman. Crime can happen to anyone at any time, and it is important to understand this, especially for women (who are often the victims of violent crime). Every woman, at some point in their life, will encounter a predator in some way, shape or form, and it is very likely that it will happen unexpectedly. This makes it very important to be prepared for any eventuality.

“You will be attacked,” says the blog post. “You will be alone, and you will be vulnerable. And most likely, it will come from the one you least expected. The next question, what will you do? Be the role model for the next generation. We tell our daughters they can be anything they want. How about safe? How do we show them how to protect themselves against rape, incest, assault and domestic violence if we don’t set the example of being strong and standing up for ourselves by being able to defend ourselves — emotionally, verbally, physically and spiritually? If we continue to move in silence about the things that happen to us (rape, assault, emotional battering and domestic violence) how are we going to help our daughters become stronger and show our sons what is and is not acceptable behavior from a male?”

Self defense training for women is the first step toward being and feeling empowered for a woman. Countless women have been transformed through self-defense training into determined, strong and empowered women committed to taking control of their own lives and ready to protect themselves from anyone looking to take that control away from them. A self-defense class can go a long way toward protecting a life as well as providing a sense of wellbeing for the women who take them.

Self-defense extends beyond defense of the self. The blog post says, “Do it for those who count on you. If you won’t do it for yourself, how about for those who count on you the most — your kids, spouse, parents, siblings, etc? What happens if you are now dead or incapacitated because of a crime? Who takes care of those that you took care of? Take the time to take care of yourself and empower your life by taking a women’s self-defense class. You just might surprise yourself with what you are capable of doing. And I guarantee you that you will find a whole new strength and outlook that will improve your life, and one of the best reasons for women to take up self-defense.”

Self-defense is the same for both men and women on a fundamental level. Principles and techniques that apply to men apply to women as well. The self-defense techniques taught at Taylor Made Fitness Training do not necessarily take into account the gender of the person learning to defend themselves. While most men are larger and stronger than most women, there are exceptions. This is why, at Taylor Made Fitness Training, students are taught to assess and make use of their size, skill and abilities relative to a particular assailant or situation. Students are taught to adapt and overcome almost any scenario imaginable. Everyone has something that they excel in, and Taylor Made teaches people to use their existing strengths to defend against assailants.

Awareness and prevention form almost 99% of self-defense. It is usually better to stop an attack before it becomes violent but it is sometimes necessary to physically defend oneself — and it takes time and commitment to learn how to do this effectively. For more information on self-defense training for women, read the blog post on the center’s website or contact their trainers directly.


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