Security Now USA Offers Guard Services For All Occasions

Security Now USA, based in Sherman Oaks, California, offers a broad scope of guard services in the United States of America.

The Security Guard Provider Company in CA mainly offers general and commercial security services. They also provide guards for schools, malls, stadiums, hospitals, banks, dispensaries, construction sites, and movie sets. They also offer security guards for special services such as access control, employee termination, person search (lost contact), loss prevention, and employee background check. They also offer fire watch services providing fire watch guards and hot work watch guards.

Security Now USA stressed that their professionalism and years of experience are the things that set them apart from their competition. Their security guards have backgrounds in law enforcement or the military.

The California-based security company further states that their primary thrust is their good reputation and their guards. Each guard of Security Now USA is licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Public Safety PISGS. All of the guards they provide also have backgrounds in law enforcement or the military.

"We firmly believe that the most valuable resource we offer is our team members," they stressed.

Furthermore, Security Now USA offers a 24-Hour Security Guard Service in the USA. They have armed or unarmed guards for any situation. Clients can quickly request guards through the company's website. First is selecting the date, time, and location, and any special requests. After finalizing the school, clients then have to select which type of force to hire: armed or unarmed.

The company likewise employs a particular online booking system. "Our booking is available online, all the time, so there are no hold times or hassling with automated systems. Simply schedule and book your guard with ease using our online booking system," Security Now USA states.

Meanwhile, customers of Security Now USA can also track the guard's progress, view incident reports, and communicate with their hired guards through their mobile app. Through the app, the firm owner can monitor their guards' activities.

Clients of Security Now USA can also view incident reports submitted by the guard as they happen in real-time. Any incidents submitted by the guard will show up in the personal portal for clients to view and respond to.

For more information about Security Now USA, call 888-239-7621 or check Their office is located at 15260 Ventura Boulevard Suite 1200, Sherman Oaks, California. They also have an office at 1603 Capitol Ave, Suite 310, A626 Cheyenne, WY 82001.


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