Security Now USA Ensures Continued Operation Of Fire Watch Service

Despite the pandemic, the threat of fire still remains, according to Security Now USA, the Top Security Service Company in the USA.

With this, Security Now USA continues to provide fire watch services in every state in the United States of America. The security firm offers 24/7 fire watch services for any industry, including medical, industrial, financial, hotels, or private venues. They also cater to residential properties. Their fire watch service is suited for those who are still processing their fire protection system or those with problematic fire alarms.

They have equipped and fully-trained fire watch security guards who can ensure the safety of any premises. Security Now USA ensures that each of their fire watch security guards understands and knows how to follow state protocols.

“Security Now USA professionally trained and licensed guards will give you peace of mind while protecting your most valuable assets from fire, theft, vandalism, and helping to prevent other unwanted or illegal activity,” the company stated on their website.

Following the long lockdown period and the disruption of most commercial operations, fire-related systems check is necessary, says the Best Security Guard Company in the USA. Broken fire sprinklers, fire alarm malfunction, or damaged chemical storage are possible. Hence, it is recommended to hire a fire watch security guard service.

As professionals, their fire watch guards can easily identify signs of potential danger. Having a fireguard could ensure that even when fire alarm systems are not fully functional, the premises and the people are safe.

Customers can quickly request for a fire watch guard through the company’s online booking system. This booking system can be opened by downloading the Security Now USA mobile app. Through the app, anyone can book a guard on their selected date, time, and location. Customers can also make any special requests by using the app.

Aside from fire watch service, Security Now USA likewise provides services for schools, malls, hospitals, banks, hotels, restaurants, and construction sites. They likewise offer employee background checks and even conduct missing person search.

“Security Now USA was founded on years of experience in security and local, state and federal law enforcement/military. We firmly believe that the most valuable resource we offer is our team members,” they say. Each of their guards is licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Public Safety PISGS to provide armed or unarmed services.

To check their complete list of security services, visit the official website of Security Now USA at Contact the Best Security Guard Company in the USA at 1-888-239-7621. Their office is located at 15260 Ventura Boulevard Suite 1200 in Sherman, California.


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