Offers Guide on Startup HIPAA Compliance, which is based in Boca Raton, FL, is pleased to announce that they have recently published a blog post that offers a HIPAA compliance guide for startups. This is important because healthcare organizations are digitizing at a very fast pace. Transmission of sensitive health information online is expanding. Telehealth has grown by 154 percent during the first half of 2020. The increasing use of digital technology has also worsened the risk of unscrupulous people getting hold of sensitive medical information. Thus, HIPAA has also been growing in importance for healthcare organizations and businesses that work with them, performing tasks that involve health information.

HIPAA refers to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, which permits the sharing of medical information to enhance the quality of care while ensuring the patient privacy is protected. HIPAA compliance is therefore essential for organizations that need to handle medical information in any way. This includes startups and private business enterprises in addition to hospitals and other healthcare organizations

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HIPAA compliance means that an organization or business has the appropriate systems, procedures, and framework to ensure the security of protected health information (PHI). These procedures need to comply with the set HIPAA standards. Individuals and businesses that work with healthcare organizations and similar entities will also need to be HIPAA compliant. In short, if they need to perform any work that utilizes PHI, then HIPAA compliance will be required from them.

Orit Benzaquen, a spokesperson for, says, “HIPAA compliance can be daunting for startups and other businesses, but attaining that status is easier than it might seem. Use this guide to help you understand just what HIPAA compliance means. If you are looking for reliable cybersecurity services to get HIPAA compliant, contact us and schedule a demo today to find your best possible solution.”

HIPAA compliant organizations typically can only share private information between the person who actually owns the information, i.e. a patient. This is often required for billing, treatment, and procedure information. These organizations will need to have the proper security infrastructure for safeguarding all private information. And it is up to the business or organization to have the appropriate framework set up. Regulators can be very strict. Fines for non-compliance can be as high as tens of thousands of dollars, especially when cyberattacks are becoming more common.

The article on how to become HIPAA compliant points out that businesses are required to report it when if there has been any breach that involved private information. Affected individuals will have to be notified and copies of such notifications have to be sent to the HHS. Employees of businesses that have to be HIPAA compliant also have to do their share in protecting private health information, by being careful not to share passwords or other sensitive information in unsecured channels. It may be a good idea to apply a two-factor authentication process and ensure that computer screens are locked when employees leave the workplace.

Having the right security infrastructure is a key element of HIPAA compliance and can help businesses with this. This has to do with ensuring that the underlying infrastructure is adequately protected. The biggest threat is from hackers and malicious software that attack networks and try to gain control of the routing infrastructure. can help businesses with various features cybersecurity. These include: compliance documentation, security strategy, geo-targeting intelligence, data flow, IaaS scan and monitoring, white and black box scans, code scans, security awareness training, resilience testing, bug bounty, DMARC, and security inbox.

Founded in 2017, offers a unique and simple approach to cyber security compliance that is modular and flexible. Their customizable and complete solution can easily be adapted to specific needs, especially for startups. They provide businesses with the right security tools and make sure that every business is ready for each security assessment.

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