Sears Disposal Now Offering Cheap Roll-off Rentals in Bettendorf Iowa

Local dumpster rental company Sears Disposal offers reliable, fast, and affordable dumpster rental service in Bettendorf, IA. Homeowners, local contractors, and business owners can rent dumpsters from 10 yards to 20-yard sizes.

The company also serves homeowners, contractors, and businesses in the areas surrounding its service area. According to their website and Tanner Sears, the company's founder, they frequently deliver roll-off rentals and offer junk hauling services to customers with various projects outside their service radius. Unlike deliveries within the listed areas, customers may have to pay a distance surcharge depending on how far out they are from the company's radius.

Dumpster Rental Bettendorf IA

Besides offering cheap roll-off rentals in Bettendorf, IA, and its other service areas, Sears Disposal offers reliable junk hauling services to benefit customers who have junk to get rid of but prefer hiring a junk service over renting a dumpster for whatever reason. The company offers an all-service junk removal that involves physically loading the material for disposal in the truck and hauling it away for proper disposal.

For those looking for a company to help dispose of their waste, Sears Disposal is one option. The company offers Bettendorf residents 10-yard dumpsters with a four pick-up truck capacity and 1-ton weight allowance and 20-yard dumpster rentals with eight pick-up healing capacities and 2-ton weight limits per container.

Company founder Tanner Sears stated, "Sears Disposal provides versatile containers as the smaller size dumpster can hold up to 800 pounds of trash while the larger dumpster can hold up to 3200 pounds. The staff here at Sears Disposal has years of experience dealing with difficult loads including construction debris or hazardous materials like asbestos or lead paint".

According to information on their company website; they offer reliable dumpster rental terms which allow customers to not only extend their rental periods when they need to at an additional charge but also occasionally load excess weight on the containers when absolutely necessary, at an additional charge, instead of having to rent a second roll off container.

The dumpster rental costs begin at $270 for a 10-yard dumpster and $390 for a 20-yard roll off dumpster for a 1 to 7 day rental period. Customers can extend this rental period when they need to at a $10 per day additional charge, from the 8th day. The company also charges $40 per ton for disposal of excess material depending on the dumpster size selected.

Sears Disposal seems to allow a wide range of material on their roll-off containers. Some of the items they have listed as collectible on their website include; garbage removal, yard waste removal, construction waste and debris removal, trash removal, mattress removal, Foreclosure cleanout waste removal, and furniture removal. They also offer disposal and recycling services for items such as; refrigerators, hot tubs, television sets, appliances, and E-Waste. It is best to contact the company's representatives for additional information.

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