Schubert Environmental Introduces Groundbreaking UV Light Air Purifier

Schubert Environmental, one of the best-known industrial engineering firms in the realm of specialized solutions for environmental problems, are introducing groundbreaking new products. This includes their new UV light air purifier, the ReplaceAIR™ RA UV-C High Efficiency Model 1000. This unit, which is designed, patented and made completely in the USA, is patent pending and is proven to destroy viruses whether the people carrying them are symptomatic or not.

These are appropriate for use in the medical or school setting or in commercial or residential settings. John Schubert, a highly respected engineer and co-owner of the business said that “These units are unique and feature an extremely high energy UV-C Emitter. We developed a kill chamber design for extraordinary long exposure to the RNA Destructive Features of UltraViolet-C. These have been proven to kill viruses and we have no doubt that these can keep people and environments safer, even in the context of the current pandemic’s challenges.”

ReplaceAIR UV-C Virus Killing Units

Schubert’s company has been in business since 1979 and has consulted with a number of industries – from Aerospace to the Military, exotic metal machining companies, metal fabrication parts just to name a few. Their trademark ReplaceAIR™ has been attracting quite a bit of attention and the units are proving very effective.

Their UV-C air cleaner comes in two sizes – the Model 500 and the Model1000. The Model 500 would work in either a commercial or residential setting. The units have several layers of media filter with a standard UV-C Power Source. They give very high-performance collection/elimination for 100-500 square foot rooms.

Mr. Schubert said “Air quality is measured in cubic feet per minute. So, if a customer puts a Model 500 in a 100 square foot room, they will see completely cleaned air and changed air every three minutes.”

The units are stainless steel, and unlike the “true HEPA” type of machine these machines work via emitter tubes” made by a company called Steril-Aire. These tubes are up to 6 times the UV-C of the usual “cleaner” units on the market. In a nutshell, UV-C works as an air cleaner by altering or destroying the RNA of any microorganisms it encounters. This is the way it kills viruses.

Herbert Thomas, M.D., a customer who purchased a unit for his medical office, said that it surprised him how quietly the ReplaceAIR™ operates. “I do not even notice the sound and neither have any of my patients,” he said. “We have not had any unexpected illness, either.” He added.

The Model 1000 is designed for larger rooms and gives very high-performance elimination for 200-500 square foot rooms. This unit at 400 cubic feet per minute provides 4-minute air change in a 200 square foot room. So, this would be the equivalent of 15 complete room air changes per hour.

Before shipping these units, each unit is test run for 48 hours, to verify airflow and the UV-C emitter output. This is at the bottom of the units, where the airflow exits after four passes by the “High Energy Steril-Aire Emitter.”

When asked about other choices on the market for this sort of air cleaning, Dr. Thomas said, “I have never seen any more affordable item on the market for medical room virus elimination, and I think given the current situation the world is in, these machines are cutting-edge.”

Mr. Schubert said, “There are other companies overseas making what purport to be similar products, but our tests have shown that their claims aren’t even usually close to accurate. We are a professional engineering firm who has to work to very exacting standards and this holds true with our ReplaceAIR items as well. We don’t just make these claims we can actually prove all of our testing figures. That’s not the case for everything on the market.”

The company is located in Glendale Heights, Illinois. All interested persons and organizations are encouraged to contact them either via telephone at 630-307-9400, via the contact form on their website at


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