Schrier Law Group Serves as a Statewide Personal Injury & Insurance Litigation Law Firm in Florida

Schrier Law Group, a law firm based in Miami, FL, is happy to announce that they are ready to provide legal assistance to people with personal injury cases in the State of Florida. Many of their clients have been injured in accidents involving cars, trucks, and motorcycles. However, they have also represented a huge number of clients who were injured as pedestrians, while on bicycles, in slip & fall incidents, due to defective products, as a result of inadequate security, from a variety of incidents while on airplanes, from train derailments, while residents in nursing homes, as a result of medical/dental malpractice, as well as from most personal injury cases and wrongful death negligence cases. People who believe they have a personal injury case can contact Paul Schrier today.

From Schrier Law Group, Paul Schrier says, “I am the managing attorney of Schrier Law Group, and I have been a practicing attorney, in the personal injury field, for the past 35 years. Along with the attorneys and legal teams at the firm, we aggressively represent accident victims who have been injured because of the negligence of others. Our skilled attorneys and legal teams have collected hundreds of millions of dollars for the huge number of accident and wrongful death cases, which we have successfully handled throughout the entire State of Florida. We have represented clients in a large variety of negligence cases, from the most common personal injury cases to the most complex and unique. Don’t hesitate to call us if you are a personal injury victim so that we can assess your specific case.”

Paul Schrier bemoans the observation that the public’s trust in personal injury attorneys has been eroded because of lawyers who failed to serve their clients properly. For instance, many of his clients have informed him that their previous attorney never returned their phone calls or seemed not to care about them.

At Schrier Law Group, one of their most vital goals is to be responsive to all of their client's needs. For instance, as an auto accident lawyer in Florida, each of their lawyers will be genuinely concerned about how the injuries sustained will affect the victim in the future. Such a lawyer will always protect the interests of the accident victim and ensure that clients will be able to receive the compensation that is rightfully theirs. In Florida, certain no-fault insurance clauses can make it difficult for an accident victim to get the maximum compensation, which is why it is imperative to secure the services of a reliable personal injury lawyer.

They want to advise accident victims, particularly those who have suffered serious injuries, to get the help of an attorney because Florida’s personal injury laws can be complex, and there are a lot of potential pitfalls. Paul Schrier wants to emphasize that they have always strived to develop a productive, professional relationship with their clients, whether they are construction workers, teachers, retirees, physicians, judges, or lawyers. They have consistently made an enormous difference by out working the other side and securing the most money compensation for their injured clients. Paul Schrier says, “That is why our clients, their friends, and their family members continue to hire us, year after year.”

They can also provide clients with the right medical malpractice lawyer, for those who believe they or their loved ones have been a victim of medical negligence This is important because medical practice cases can be complex, as a result of the statutory rules that must be strictly followed or because of the parties involved. Bringing a medical malpractice action can result in a client taking on a medical company, hospital, or health care professional, who may very well be fellowship-trained and extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t make mistakes. On average, a medical malpractice case will have a payout of approximately $400,000. However, as mentioned, these cases can require a lot of time, money, and energy from both parties, and it is vital to have a true medical malpractice personal injury attorney so that one is provided with a law firm that has the financial resources, as well as the legal guidance necessary to properly handle one's case.

Those who would like to know more about the services that can be provided by the Schrier Law Group can check out their website, contact them on the phone or through email.


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