Savannah Car Accident Chiropractor Shares Recent 5 Star Review From Google

Arrowhead Clinic and their Savannah car accident chiropractor are pleased to share another five-star review from their Savannah chiropractic clinic. The most recent five-star review from its Google profile is from a satisfied patient that highlights the clinic’s reputation and ability to successfully treat accident injuries. The chiropractic clinic in Savannah would also like to thank everyone else who recently left a five-star Google review after experiencing treatment and services.

The review left by Henry Minis, who was treated for headaches, dizziness, stiffness, low back pain, and soft tissue injuries impacting the mobility of joints, says, “Love the service. Went there for all my accidents." This brief yet powerful comment showcases the reputation of Arrowhead Clinic as the ultimate healing destination for people with car accident injuries. Chiropractors and medical professionals at the clinic have demonstrated their expertise in helping thousands of people with whiplash, sprains, strains, contusions, herniated discs, spinal injuries, and mobility issues.

Dr. Rachel Banks of Arrowhead Clinic in Savannah thanks Mr. Minis for the five-star review and appreciates all of their kind words and gratitude for choosing Arrowhead Clinic. Remembering the patient's treatment, Dr. Banks tells how professional chiropractors at Arrowhead Clinic were able to help Henry recover from car accident injuries and live a comfortable life. The accident injury specialist even recounts how they focused on comforting the patient, and a customized treatment protocol helped them gradually regain physical and mental strength.

This holiday season, Dr. Banks also expresses their gratitude for all patients who gave Arrowhead Clinic a chance to help them overcome debilitating injuries. The admiration of its services clearly reflects through reviews on the clinic's Google page. In their review, Nell J., another patient treated for back pain after a car accident, says, "I have been in customer excellence most of my career, so I know greatness when I encounter it. The Doctors and staff at Arrowhead Clinic are awesome! The level of care is one we should all seek when we have been hurt. As I continue my care I trust that I am in very capable and experienced hands. Thank you!”

Meanwhile, there are many reviews proclaiming about top-class customer care and treatment at Arrowhead Clinic. White Dove’s review says this in the following words, “Dr. Rachael Banks and staff are wonderful. I have not one complaint about them. Okay, there is one, I would like to take Dr. Banks hands home with me to make me feel better at any time, and I can't lol. After having a car accident, it is nice to walk into an establishment and be greeted with kindness and respect. I always feel that way when I see Lisa Anderson the chiropractor assistant there. Queen got after me about doing my exercises correctly, and she checked my pressure based on the issues I was telling her I was having. She is awesome about taking the time to listen to what was going on with me when I had a problem over the phone and executing a plan the very next day. I highly recommend this clinic to anyone that has been injured in a car accident. I don't like to feel I'm getting taken advantage of and I don't feel that way with these beautiful ladies. Arrowhead Clinic on Hodgson Memorial Drive rocks!!!!!!”

Dr. Banks attributes the high rate of treatment success and client satisfaction to the ability of the staff to “focus on providing the patients who walk through our front door with the best service we can and work very hard to make our patients’ time with us as pleasant as possible.” According to Dr. Banks, “professionals needs to be compassionate and focused when treating an accident injury victim, who are battling uncertainties due to nagging and excruciating pains throughout your body. An experienced car accident doctor pays attention to ensure adequate comfort for the victim, tailor-made protocols to help him reduce pain symptoms, and continue the treatment overcoming obstacles.” Arrowhead Clinic excels in all of this and prides itself on smiling and pain-free patients.

Arrowhead Clinic is a specialized car accident chiropractic clinic in Savannah, GA. Throughout its operations extending over four decades, it has served thousands of patients, helping them successfully restore their physical health, mobility, and pain-free living. It has a team of highly professional, extensively trained, and expert doctors committed to helping car accident victims in Savannah. Medical professionals and support staff are well appreciated for their caring attitude toward patients and readiness to answer any questions they have. They offer a free consultation service and provide a personal injury lawyer to help their patients claim medical, compensatory, financial, and punitive damages for injuries suffered.

To learn more about Arrowhead Clinic in Savannah, visit their website at Contact Dr. Rachel Banks for a free car accident injury consultation at (855) 214-3599.


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