Sarasota Woman Thanks WhiteSands Alcohol And Drug Rehab for Providing a Clear Path to Recovery

Sarasota, FL - Donna, a Sarasota resident and former patient of WhiteSands Alcohol and Drug Rehab, recently left the addiction treatment center a five-star review on Google. In it, she expressed her gratitude for the team who taught her how to effectively manage her disease.

WhiteSands is a wonderful place to get help with your addiction and to put you on the right path,” she said. Patrick and Nicole are a team to assist you with the best form of treatment with a clear path of what needs to be done to change the way an addict thinks.” Read the full article at


Addiction can send people into a perpetual cycle of negative thinking. Many find it extremely difficult to escape their thoughts around substance use and addiction. Addicts often blame themselves and feel tremendous regret, many are also in denial about their disease. One of the first steps for anyone in recovery is to change their patterns of thinking. In treatment, addicts learn to change their perception of their behaviors by realizing that they’re struggling with a disease, not simply making poor choices.

“I am a whole person with a disease, not a bad person with a problem,” said Donna. The disease model of addiction holds that addiction is an illness comparable to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Many factors influence the condition and will vary from one person to the next. These may include psychological, behavioral, genetic, and environmental factors.

Once a person comes to terms with the fact that they have an illness and they need professional help, their thinking begins to shift and the door to recovery is opened. With the right tools and resources, patients have an excellent chance of putting their disease in remission and going on to enjoy a life free from the bonds of addiction.

A hallmark of addiction is having difficulty stopping using drugs and alcohol, despite the consequences they’re having in a person’s life. According to addiction experts, the challenge to quit using runs much deeper than a simple lack of willpower. The brain chemistry is altered in ways that make it very difficult to quit using, even when the user desperately wants to stop. Frequent and heavy drug and alcohol use change the brain’s functioning, ultimately compromising mental and physical health and decreasing the quality of life of the individual and those around them.

Addiction is a chronic relapsing disease meaning that it takes constant vigilance to remain in remission and sustain abstinence from alcohol and drug. One small ‘slip up’ can spiral a former addict right back into active addiction. Remaining engaged in recovery, participating in support groups, alumni programs, and being connected with a strong network of individuals in recovery can help.

While a complex disease, substance use disorder is treatable and manageable. When people struggling with addiction have access to quality care and can gain the tools, trigger management skills, and coping mechanisms they need they can be successful in long-term recovery from addiction.

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