Sarasota Moving Company, Flat Fee Movers, Launches New "Moving and Storage" Service

Moving and Storage Sarasota

Flat Fee Movers, a Sarasota-based moving company, has expanded its service to include moving and storage. Customers can now use their services for storage facilities along with their moving services. Flat Fee Movers developed the new service to provide high-quality convenience at affordable prices.

moving and storage

Cost-Effective Moving Services

The storage services from Flat Fee Movers will include two-way transportation and secure storage to be provided by their movers. The storage services include insurance coverage for all the valuable items that clients have stored at their facility. "We feel that this is an excellent opportunity for our company," said John, representative of the company. "With the economic situation in the country, people need to save money wherever they can. We are offering a solution that will help them move their household items and have affordable storage for any valuables that they want to put into a secure facility."

Cross Country Moving and Storage

The company observes the hefty costs and amounts of stress their client experiences when relocating from areas like Bird Key, Lido Key, Rosemary District, Terrace Garden, Newtown, and Bayfront, whether for short or long distances. They share their sentiments on the struggle of making every move easier for their clients: "Nobody wants to move. We know that moving is a hassle. It can be very stressful for people, especially with the economy as it is. Many things need to be taken care of on top of getting rid of stuff you no longer want or need, packing up your items, and then finding someone who will help you move it all. It's a lot of work!" Hence why Flat Fee Movers made the option of renting out storage space available while their clients move out of their old spaces.

Local Moving and Storage Companies

Renting a storage space can help the company's clients clear clutter out of their houses, allowing them to make space to move everything while also providing a safe place to store their belongings during and after a move. The moving company assures that their customers' relocation experience will be significantly less stressful this way, proving their motives in starting this service successful.


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