Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Trimming to Boost the Monetary Value of an On-Sale Property

Santa Cruz, California – Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts spent the whole of last week trimming trees standing on Joe’s landscape. The homeowner had reportedly put his property on sale. However, the offers he had received were far from what he had expected – they were extremely low. When a friend suggested curb improvement as a way to get more money from the property’s sale, Joe did not hesitate to hire Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts.

“This home is worth at least half a million dollars,” Joe told a group of reporters, “However, when the home got listed for sale, the highest offer that came from an interested buyer was only $300,000. A loss of $200,000 was too big to accept. To put the property’s monetary value where it is supposed to be, everyone in the family decided to do research and see what needed to be done.”

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts

Joe reportedly called a friend who had sold his home in 2020. His friend advised him to work on his trees since these play a key role in the appearance of the entire property. The friend said that a better-looking home was worth much more than a home with unattractive features.

“When the family researched to determine which company had the potential to improve the property’s value,” added Joe, “Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts proved to be an ideal option. After performing a cost estimate for the entire landscape improvement project, the company impressed everyone with its affordability.”

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Joe noted that Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts initiated the tree trimming procedure last week on Monday and completed it on Thursday. The homeowner noted that the company improved both the tree crowns and the ground below the trees. After putting his property on the market again on Friday last week, Joe noted that he has already received two new offers.

“The first offer was from a buyer interested in paying $400,000,” said Joe, “The second is from a rich guy planning to move to Santa Cruz – this guy is offering $580,000. The entire family was mind blown when they realized that a tree care procedure that only cost us $4000 had managed to add $280,000 to the property’s value.”

Joe plans to sell his home to the buyer offering $580,000. He noted that he may even try to make the new buyer add an extra $20,000 to the offered price – this would help his home hit at least $600,000. This would be enough for him to buy a new home in Texas where he is moving for a new job.

“While tree trimming may seem like a simple procedure,” said the Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO, “the procedure carries benefits worth thousands of dollars. Just like a nice haircut makes people more attractive, tree trimming makes homes attractive to buyers. When handled by the right Santa Cruz tree trimming team, the tree maintenance procedure can create the impression that a home is worth a lot of money – Joe’s project is a good example of how homeowners boost their property’s value with tree trimming.”

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO noted that his company does not take advantage of customers’ situations. For example, in the case of Joe’s property, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Santa Cruz could have charged a high price since they were sure the tree improvement procedure would put a lot of money in the homeowner’s pockets.

“Trust is a key component in business,” said the Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO, “If customers cannot trust the company to charge the right price for professional tree services in Santa Cruz, the company has already lost."

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