Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts Lauded for Working Efficiently During a Large Oak Tree Trimming Procedure

Santa Cruz, California – After using Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts for the first time and getting great results, Richard Trosper decided to go ahead and hire the company for a second project yesterday.

The second project involved trimming a large oak tree. Just as the homeowner had expected, the company completed the procedure safely, delivering maximum value in terms of the tree's aesthetic appeal.

Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts

Describing his experience with the tree care company, Richard Trosper had the following to report, “I've used Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts twice. They are a professional team of tree care specialists, with arborists on staff. They were here as scheduled and worked efficiently and quickly to trim my big oak. I highly recommend them.”

Oaks happen to be some of the native trees that enjoy California’s weather and Santa Cruz’s soil. When set up in a good location – that is, a place where they can access enough water and sunlight – the tree’s height can reach over 100 feet. The Southern Live Oak on Richard Trosper’s landscape maximized on more than just its height – its crown has a diameter of approximately 150 feet. The homeowner told our reporters that Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts had to ensure the entire crown was improved flawlessly. The company reportedly did one of the best jobs.

“Oaks have some of the biggest crowns,” the Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO told our team of reporters. “The good thing about working with our Santa Cruz tree trimming team is that we charge a very affordable price, irrespective of how large the oak tree is. What’s more, we use our experience to give the oak trees the best shape, ensuring they complement other ornaments on the landscape. We appreciate Richard Trooper, not only for hiring us again but also for saying that he will recommend our services to other tree owners.”

A company that has been in the tree service industry for the past 25 years, Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts is known for improving the aesthetic appeal and the monetary value of different types of properties. The company has made a name for itself among real estate owners who have sold properties in Santa Cruz and neighborhoods like La Selva Beach, Downtown, Watsonville, Live Oak, and Seabright.

“What most property owners do not understand,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “most buyers consider the curb appeal when purchasing properties. If you have an ugly curb appeal, you'll end up receiving an ugly quotation for the property. Luckily, properties with trees only require tree trimming to improve the properties. Just like Richard Tropper noticed a significant improvement on his landscape after the oak tree trimming procedure, buyers can see value in properties with good looking trees.”

The Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO noted that tree trimming does more than just boost the aesthetic appeal of trees. He indicated that the tree maintenance procedure is also very helpful when it comes to boosting a property’s safety.

“Trees do develop issues on their crowns, which forces them to keep dropping branches now and then,” said the Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO. “This was the case with Richard Trooper’s oak tree. The branches can land on an unsuspecting person and cause injury. If you have a utility under the tree, the branches can also cause damage. Tree trimming, however, can clear the crown off the damaged branches, allowing the tree to develop new, healthy branches. While tree trimming will cost you some money, the cost will be much less compared to the cost of property repair or injury treatment.”

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