Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts Lauded by Homeowner for Following Tree Trimming with Effective Landscape Cleanup

Santa Cruz, California – On Tuesday, Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts helped a homeowner improve the appearance of his home with professional tree trimming. Having used other tree trimming companies in the past, the homeowner, Mr. Joseph Kim, was used to dealing with branches and leaves after the tree maintenance procedures. He was surprised when the Santa Cruz tree trimming team collected all the branches dropped from the tree crowns, packed them in their vehicles and left his landscape looking cleaner than they had found it.

“I hired Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts for tree trimming only,” said Joseph Kim when explaining his experience with the tree service company, “From what I understand, tree trimming involves going up the tree and shaping the tree crown. This team of tree cutting professionals in Santa Cruz, however, decided to go a step further – at no extra cost – and clean my home. It is not every day you come across such a company.”

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Joseph Kim hired Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts to work on the 10 trees that stood in the front yard. With most of the trees standing just a few feet from his house, the homeowner was very skeptical about the entire project – he thought that he would end up suffering property damage. Last year, the team that had handled his tree pruning procedure had left a huge dent on his roof. The homeowner, however, was surprised when Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts finished the tree trimming procedure without touching any of his utilities.

“Watching the company work was like watching a well-oiled machine do the job it was designed to do,” said Joseph Kim. “Before cutting each branch, the team used ropes to ensure the branch was tied tightly – this kept the branches from detaching from the tree trunk and landing on my roof. Using team power and a crane they had on my front yard, the team brought down the cut branches slowly – they controlled the branches’ falling path until the branches touched the ground.”

The homeowner noted that he expected Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts to spend a couple of days on his landscape. He was surprised when the team finished trimming his ten trees in less than 7 hours.

“I guess using inexperienced teams in the past had made me believe that this project is too big to handle in a day,” said Joseph Kim, “I was open to having the company on my landscape for at least 4 days. However, each tree took approximately 45 minutes to trim safely. The team was in and out of my landscape in less than 7 hours.”

To determine how Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts managed to complete the large tree trimming project so quickly, they contacted the company’s CEO. The company’s CEO noted that his team had the benefit of more than 25 years of experience and modern tools – when used together, these two qualities made the entire project simple.

“While other companies rely on manual climbing to reach the tree crown,” said the CEO, “We use a bucket truck. Using manual climbing, professionals can take up to 30 minutes to reach the crown of a 150 feet white pine. However, when our team is using a bucket truck, reaching the crown of the same tree takes seconds. Taking advantage of our experience, removing unnecessary branches from the trees was as easy as 1-2-3.”

The Santa Cruz Tree Service Experts CEO proceeded to let us know that the ability to finish projects quickly always results in lower tree service costs. Affordable price was one of the benefits that Joseph Kim enjoyed on Tuesday.

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