San Marcos Tree Service Experts Safely Completes the Removal of a Hazardous 100-Year-Old Oak Tree

San Marcos, California – San Marcos Tree Service Experts spent the whole of yesterday on Kim’s landscape working on removing an 80-foot oak tree with a severely damaged crown. The tree stood about 10 feet from the house and was notorious for dropping huge branches on Kim’s compound. To improve safety, San Marcos Tree Service Experts had to make the 100-year-old tree disappear.

“It has been about 2 months of branches falling unexpectedly from the oak’s crown,” said Kim. “Although the tree is about 10 feet from the house, it has a crown spread of about 70 feet. Because of its crown width, my family had to remove branches from the house’s roof on more than one occasion.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts

“The family was lucky that the branches never fell on the kids,” added Kim. “While the roof repairs were expensive, injuries would have been much difficult to deal with. To avoid more property damages and protect the family from injuries, the oak tree had to be removed.”

Kim noted that after doing his search online looking for a good tree removal company in San Marcos, San Marcos Tree Service Experts seemed like a great company to work with. The company had a ton of positive reviews – this showed that the company was equipped to handle complicated tree service procedures. When hiring the company, Kim was already confident that it would complete the tree removal procedure safely. The company did not disappoint the homeowner.

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“With a crown spread of more than 70 feet,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “and with the house standing a few feet from the tree, the San Marcos tree removal team could not just cut the tree at the base and allow it to fall freely. The tree removal team had to wait for the tree pruning team in San Marcos to remove the entire crown.”

The company reportedly used a combination of a bucket truck and a crane to safely complete the tree pruning procedure. The bucket truck helped the tree pruning team reach the crown and cut the branches. Paired with ropes, the crane helped the company bring down the cut branches without touching the neighboring utilities.

“After the tree pruning procedure,” added the chief of field operations, “the next step involved bringing the tree trunk down. The team of tree cutting professionals in San Marcos was lucky since an open space was available on the left side of the tree. Using the crane to pull the tree away from the house, the company ensured the tree fell in the open space without causing any damage.”

After bringing the tree down, San Marcos Tree Service Experts reportedly pulled the stump out of the ground together with its roots. The company ruled out stump grinding which would have been ideal for improving safety since Kim had expressed interest in planting a new tree. Complete stump removal made tree planting easier for the property owner.

“The team of tree cutting professionals was very impressed when it learned that Kim was planning to plant a new tree,” said the chief of field operations. “San Marcos Tree Service Experts was founded to protect this city’s urban forest – therefore, tree removal has not always been among the company’s favorite professional tree services in San Marcos. However, every time the team handles an unavoidable tree removal procedure, it is always nice to know that a homeowner is planning to replace the tree. This keeps the city’s urban forest from reducing.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts reportedly impressed Kim with more than just its safe and effective tree removal procedure. The homeowner also enjoyed a very affordable cost.

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