San Francisco International Shipping Store Looks at Potential Future Changes to DHL Packaging

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San Francisco, Calif. – Over the next five years, DHL is expecting to rethink packaging in order to keep up with the ever-changing demands of customers and businesses. New technologies and expectations for companies to minimize material waste have allowed leaders at DHL to recognize areas of improvement and adopt new packaging optimization tools. A San Francisco international shipping store, PO Plus, is here to ensure that their customers and community are aware of any new updates that emerge within the industry.

With e-commerce becoming a more popular way to shop and the volume of packages being shipped on a steady rise, there is becoming a greater demand for more sustainable packaging. Retailers are trying to find a balance between durability, the use of green materials, and aesthetically pleasing packaging, all while maintaining a reasonable spend on these materials.

In a recent Trend Report, DHL discusses how the optimization of packaging could significantly boost productivity, efficiency, and overall customer satisfaction. DHL is also looking into ways to incorporate more automated packaging systems to help with high-demand seasons. Smart packaging technology such as smart labels could be making a much larger impact on customer connections by providing accurate updates on package condition and location. Analyzing trends within the shipping industry has highlighted where packaging has evolved and allowed businesses to look for ways to adapt.

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