San Francisco FedEx Shipping Store Informs the Public of the Stamp Price Increase Set to Take Place in August

San Francisco, Calif. –  It was recently announced that the price of stamps is set to increase in the near future. This raise in price will not occur right away, but rather later this year on August 29. PO Plus, a San Francisco FedEx shipping store, is informing the public of the details regarding this price change.

The four types of stamps that will increase in price are those for First-Class Mail, postcards, letters of less than one ounce, and envelopes. What is uncommon about this year’s price change is that the First-Class Mail stamp prices are a part of the increase, which is rather rare. However, the price change as a whole is part of Postmaster General DeJoy’s 10-Year Plan for the Postal Service. The desired result of this plan is to help the USPS regain financial sustainability, as the continuous drop in mail volume has been difficult for the USPS.

Currently, “Forever” stamps, as well as stamps for one-ounce letters, cost 55 cents, but they will both increase by three cents on August 29. In addition, stamps for domestic postcards are increasing from 36 cents to 40 cents, stamps for flats are increasing from one dollar to a dollar and 16 cents, and outbound international letters are increasing by 10 cents from their current price of $1.20.

Even after this price change occurs, the USPS claims that they will still be among the lowest-priced mailing services out there, with the second cheapest being Japan, followed by Australia, the third cheapest.

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