San Diego SEO Expert Takes Small Businesses Into The Digital Future

CA based San Diego SEO Expert is pleased to place their team’s expertise at the disposal of any local business that wants to improve their online presence and boost their visibility among customers. The agency specializes in developing all aspects of SEO, including Technical SEO, On Page SEO and Off Site SEO. This effectively means that any small business can expect a comprehensive SEO solution when they work with this agency.

SEO, or search engine organization, takes a wide array of factors into account. As the name suggests, the goal is to make a company more visible online by improving its rank on a given search engine’s results pages. While there are several search engines, such as Bing, Yahoo! and so on, the agency explains that most SEO is actually implemented for the Google search engine. This is due to the fact that it carries the lion’s share of daily searches made online. As most users prefer to explore the internet through Google, a business will generally have to implement SEO with primary regard to this platform. Google’s web standards and algorithm, it then follows, are what SEO experts need to take into account.

San Diego SEO Expert states that clients should have some knowledge of how SEO works in order to understand what the agency is doing on their behalf. This will also help them follow recommendations more accurately as well as implement strategies on their own that work in concert with the agency’s efforts.

Technical SEO expertise, for instance, requires insight on many factors, such as an understanding of how web servers work, what SSL (Secure Socket Layer) comprises, how DNS (Domain Name Servers) are utilized and even how site speed affects SEO and the overall user experience. As a search engine, Google crawls the web in order to index the locations of each available site (thereby making search results appear faster when a particular term is entered in the Google search bar). An SEO expert needs to understand how this works so that a website can be fine tuned to accommodate these indexing techniques. This also includes understanding how canonical tags and 301 redirects can affect the SEO performance of a website.

Next, On Page SEO determines how each webpage appears to Google (both its user-viewable content as well as its code). A page that is formatted correctly will be better understood by the search engine examining it, thereby factoring into its rank. However, the agency adds that Google also prioritizes showing users only the best content available, and it measures several aspects of the website and its authors in order to determine how valuable their content is. Word count, for instance, can help the search engine determine authenticity because experts tend to write in greater detail on a subject they are familiar with. This means that an authoritative piece of content will often be longer than a single paragraph and make an attempt to explain a given topic in detail.

Off Site SEO, also known as Off Page SEO, involves every aspect of the company’s online presence that takes place away from their primary website. It looks at how many links lead to the company’s website, how well their social media strategy works and more. San Diego businesses can turn to San Diego SEO Expert for a full suite of services in all of these areas as well, as many other clients have already discovered.

A review from James C. awards the agency a full 5-Star rating for their work. Posted to the company’s Google profile, the review explains that, “It is hard to find a true SEO expert, I have tried several of the seo companies and have had very little results. San Diego SEO Expert is a true SEO expert. Our rankings have seen dramatic increases in the last six months since we began using these guys. I highly recommend them. Give them a try, you won't be sorry.”

Myra P. shares similar comments in their review, which also gives the company a 5-Star rating. “I have been burned so many times by SEO companies,” the review says, “I was wary of hiring another SEO company. A friend of mine recommended San Diego SEO Expert to help with our mortgage company lead generation. So far, they have helped to improve the website’s SEO, and leads have definitely increased in the last two months.”

Jane Darcy of San Diego SEO Expert can be reached in the event a business wishes to follow up on any further inquiries. The team will also be pleased to schedule a consultation at the client’s convenience.


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