San Diego Plumber Establishing a Reputation for Expert Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Ace Contractors Plumbing, Heating, and Air of San Diego specializes in finding and resolving plumbing leaks around all sorts of commercial and residential properties. One of these leak detection services, in particular, is starting to garner much attention from its customers in the San Diego area. It’s a plumbing service that this company refers to as slab leak detection and repair. This is not an area that many plumbing companies are willing to venture into because of its difficult nature and the fact that it takes well-trained plumbing professionals with specialized equipment to get it done.

A company representative, Mike Paris, went on to describe a slab leak as a leak that occurs in plumbing lines that run through or beneath a home or business's concrete foundation. People do not realize that concrete is a fairly porous substance so even pipes that are embedded in it are still prone to leaking. These are one of the more difficult types of leaks to detect because of where they occur. He says that this can also be a very expensive plumbing repair but techs such as theirs can help keep the cost down by using their expertise to pinpoint the slab leak source. This will help minimize the amount of concrete that has to be broken up and subsequently laid back down after the repair has been completed. The company representative stated that slab leaks are not something that should be let go for long because they not only can disturb the ground in the area and a foundation where they occur but they can also impact areas above the slab leak too. This includes causing such problems as moisture-laden carpeting and wood flooring which eventually ruins these items. The resulting mold and mildew can also cause damage and the foul smell from these fungi can even penetrate deep into a home or business. He also mentioned that they store all of the equipment that’s necessary to properly do this job right at their Ace Contractors Plumbing Location.

Paris went on to say that their experienced techs can be trusted to find and resolve much more than just slab leaks. This includes both obvious and not so obvious places where water is escaping into an area in people’s homes and businesses that it shouldn’t. He says that even leaks in such hard-to-reach places as between walls or flooring can be detected and repaired by them.

Both new and repeat customers have expressed satisfaction with this California plumber’s leak detection and repair services. Avi Developer wrote, “I've hired Ace Contractors Plumbing, Heating, And Air three times now to complete work on my home, once for my kitchen, and two bathrooms. Every time I've been very happy and satisfied with their service, their pricing, and their courteous worker. I highly recommend them.” Raymond Farris proclaimed, “These guys were awesome. We had a bad leak that was going from our first-floor bathroom to our basement. Fast response, a plumber was out here within a couple of hours. Saved us a ton of money by not immediately tearing up our tile floor and instead, went to the source in the wall. We will definitely be calling these guys again!”

Paris mentioned that other plumbing services that they offer include new plumbing installations, water heater repair & replacement, drain cleaning & unclogging, and the installation of new bathroom, shower, toilet, and sink fixtures. He is also wanted to remind home and business owners that in addition to their regularly scheduled service work, they can also help out their customers with any emergency plumbing services that they require. These emergency services are available 24/7, 365.

They are a company that has attained the highest BBB rating of A+, are fully licensed and insured, and are proud to be locally owned and operated. Those that are interested in the plumbing or other services that Ace Contractors Plumbing, Heating, and Air offers can refer to its website or find more info on Google or their Facebook page.


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