San Diego Personal Injury Lawyer Gets Great Client Testimonials

As a seasoned San Diego personal injury attorney, Mr. Mova has seen the suffering that negligence and recklessness can put on innocent victims. He knows all about the untold physical and financial burdens these decisions leave behind. And he understands what people need and want from him when they come into his law offices to speak to him about legal representation.

Chris Movafagh (Chris Mova), knows all about working hard for his clients who count on him to represent their best interests. As founder and managing attorney at the Mova Law Group, he has spent many years diligently working on behalf of his clients. He has done this to hold the entities responsible for the client's injuries and damages accountable. He has recovered in excess of 20 million dollars in the last few years on behalf of his injured clients.

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During his time as a practicing California personal injury lawyer, Mr. Mova has directed his law firm to assist the victims of car collisions, motorcycle accidents, uber accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall incidents, wrongful death claims, and other serious personal injury cases in the state.

He is both a knowledgeable litigator and negotiator. However, he really feels his principal talent is his capacity to understand his clients' situations and listen closely to the client's concerns. He really wants every client to know what is going on with the legal proceedings every step of the way. He never wants a client to make an uninformed decision that could cost thousands of dollars or even the case.

When interviewed, Mr. Mova said, "Personal injury cases can be very complex. There are not too many that are cut and dry. But every client deserves to know exactly what is happening throughout the proceedings. What are the possible consequences? Should the client settle? More importantly, the client should know that we listen and care. At this law office, each step of the process is discussed thoroughly. I want each and every client to take an active role in the resolution of the case." He continued, "My passion lies in making sure the client is heard and that there is some semblance of normalcy returned."

The people he has represented echo his sentiments. People have taken the time to write their reviews of the law firm in Google. They talk about his hard work and dedication. His clients’ words speak volumes about Mr. Mova and how he represents them.

C.G. says of the attorney at law, "Last year, I was rear-ended on the freeway. It was a costly incident with the work that had to be done to my car, the cost of the rental car, as well as doctors and physical therapy visits. Thankfully, Chris Movafagh and his team of attorneys were able to hold the other party accountable and ensure all my payments were covered. They helped tremendously, and I'm so grateful for their dedication and patience. Highly recommend their services in San Diego!"

Lizzy M. wrote, "A few years ago I was rear-ended and I thought that I’d bounce back from the incident. Unfortunately, I did not. After weeks of pains & aches, some friends encouraged me to seek a lawyer and I’m so happy that I found Chris!”

“From the very first phone call to the day my case was settled, I was taken care of by Paola & Chris with the utmost professionalism & compassion.”

“At the time I was juggling FT school, FT work, and a PT side hustle. They set me up with a pain doctor, physical therapy, chiropractor, and therapist that would work around my crazy schedule. After 2 years of ongoing treatments, without having to pay anything out of pocket, I finally felt a little like myself again.”

“I don’t think you can put a price tag on the almost 3 years of pain I went through, but I’m grateful that Chris fought for me and that he didn’t let me settle for less. He is a fantastic person. If you need a lawyer I would 100% recommend Chris and his team!"

The attorney commented, "I feel privileged that our clients appreciate everything that we do them. These reviews and testimonials represent how dedicated we are to offering outstanding legal services for our clients," Mr. Mova went on, " We only work on a contingency basis. This means none of our clients pay upfront. Once we are successful at the end of the case, then we take our fee. However, if we are unsuccessful, our client will not pay us a dime. We recover compensation for the clients’ losses, as well as pain and suffering where it's warranted. We put ourselves on the line and we do what it takes to get our clients the compensation they deserve. We don't get anything unless the clients win!"

Chris and his team of personal injury attorneys happily represent hard-working individuals throughout California. While the firm primarily focuses on personal injury law since it involves members of the community, the law office has likewise assisted individuals with a wide range of legal problems that a person in California might encounter as a state resident or tourist.

Each case is different. Every attorney in the law office understands this basic principle. However, each claim is pursued with the same energy and passion. Each client deserves to be heard and to recover for any injury, loss, pain, and suffering.

Chris Movafagh and the Mova Law Group team are competent personal injury lawyers with many years of experience representing victims of carelessness and negligence. They are thoughtful in their approach and use submission tactics to ensure the insurance companies do the right thing. Throughout their extensive legal careers, the attorneys at the law office have recovered large sums as settlements for their clients totaling about 20 million dollars. To learn more about Mr. Movafagh and his law practice, you can go to the law group’s website.


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