San Diego Divorce Lawyer: The Importance Of Choosing The Right Legal Representative

Yvonne Rizzo, Attorney at Law, a San Diego divorce lawyer based in California, is reaching out to raise awareness of the importance of choosing the right divorce lawyer. Rizzo and her team have a great deal of experience delivering comprehensive family law services, including support with divorce, separation, custody and division of property. As a former Deputy City Attorney for San Diego County, Yvonne Rizzo offers over 16 years of specialized experience in Family Law. As such, her insight can prove invaluable to many who find themselves facing a divorce or similar situation.

The firm points out that divorce, separation and custody issues are complex and may require multiple hearings and negotiations. By choosing a divorce lawyer with expertise across the full spectrum of family law, a client will have access to support with any situations they may encounter prior to, during or following their divorce proceedings. Rizzo’s services include support for legal needs in situations such as divorce, legal separation, child custody, support and alimony, division of property and parentage. Her firm also handles domestic violence and restraining orders, while also taking on any other cases which fall under general family law.

Yvonne Rizzo highlights that it is important to keep in mind that every divorce case has special considerations. A divorce lawyer may have to coordinate multiple legal efforts, especially in situations involving relocation, health issues, criminal charges, domestic violence or custody issues. To quote the firm, “Did you know that less than 1% of California’s attorneys possess the Family Law Specialist Certification? This specialized training ensures that you are choosing a divorce attorney that has the right experience for your needs.” Whether it is filing petitions or appealing child custody rulings, choosing the right divorce lawyer will help a client achieve their legal objectives.

A divorce lawyer should possess an in-depth knowledge of state and local divorce codes. When considering Yvonne Rizzo’s prior experience working as a Deputy City Attorney in Family Law and her certification as a Family Law Specialist, her expertise covers information on custody ruling and appeals process for cases involving children and a record success in challenging family law cases. She is also experienced in navigating complex cases of custody and possesses an impressive knowledge on divorce in cases of domestic violence. Since every divorce case is different, an experienced attorney can clarify the steps a client may need to take before, during and after the divorce petition is filled. In addition, they can determine how factors like residency, income, health, or military deployments will influence a client’s case.

Cases involving child custody are particularly complex and require proper guidance. In the state of California, all child custody cases begin with a legal mediation between parenting parties. After the initial mediation, custody and visitation agreements will be decided by a judge in the local court or through an agreement between parties. The divorce lawyer will represent the client in these cases, provide support with filing appeals, and negotiate on their behalf. Additional considerations (like military orders, geographical relocation and financial issues) may also impact a client’s case. When choosing the right divorce lawyer for a case, one must select an attorney with in-depth experience with mediation, court hearings and appeals.

Divorce law can vary by state and county. When choosing the right divorce lawyer for a case, it is important to look for someone with experience in that specific area. A divorce process begins with a formal petition filed with the state. The petition may include claims to property, custody details, spousal support or alimony and attorney fees. The divorce attorney will guide a client through this petition to ensure that all data and details are accurate, and the spouse has 30 days to respond to the petition. Each party will be required to disclose property or use a standard dissolution procedure to determine division of property and custody agreements. Choosing a knowledgeable divorce lawyer will ensure that one is correctly following the legal processes.

In the state of California, both parties within a divorce are entitled to equal access to legal representation. Consequently, one spouse may be required to pay attorney fees for the other. Divorce lawyer fees can be included or negotiated in the initial petition for divorce. Communal funds, like joint bank accounts, may also be utilized to cover the costs. During the initial consultation with a divorce lawyer, the facts of the case and services required, timeline, pre- or post-marital agreements and child custody situations will be reviewed. Unique factors relevant to the case will also be considered.

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