San Diego Dentist Shares Tips To Keep Baby Teeth Free Of Cavities

Solana Beach, California-based Solana Family Dental is reaching out to the wider community to share tips to help keep a child’s baby teeth free of cavities. Solana Family Dental is one of the top rated dentists in San Diego, and they provide cosmetic dentistry and family dental services to the residents of Solana Beach and the surrounding areas. More information about the dental clinic can be found at the following link:

According to data highlighted by Solana Family Dental, a study by The National Children’s Oral Health Foundation found that cavities affect a high number of youngsters. More than 40% of kids suffer from tooth decay before entering school, which makes it critically important to be proactive in taking care of young children’s baby teeth.

In a blog post on their website, Solana Family Dental shares a number of tips to ensure that children remain cavity-free. Their first tip is to schedule a dental visit as soon as children grow their first baby teeth. The clinic says that, when children get used to going to the dentist, they become comfortable with cleanings and check-ups, which is critical in setting up a positive oral care routine that continues into adulthood.

Then, it is important to teach proper brushing techniques. Every child should learn to use a soft-bristled brush with a toothpaste that contains fluoride. Encouraging children to use back-and-forth strokes along the outside, inside and chewing parts of their teeth — and to brush for two minutes with each session — is a good start. However, brushing is not enough, children also need to be fed a proper diet. The blog post states that parents should avoid feeding their children any food that contains high amounts of sugar. Items like carrots and celery, on the other hand, promote saliva production, which helps remove the plaque that can contribute to cavities. Also, eating dairy items that are high in calcium promotes healthy bones and teeth. Since milk has low levels of acid, it is a smart alternative to sugary sodas and juices.

Finally, the dentist also suggests looking into sealants — protective coatings that cover the back teeth in a child’s mouth. The blog post says that sealants are shown to lower the risk of developing cavities by approximately 80%. Sealants keep bacteria and acid from sitting on children’s teeth and leading to decay. Since its application is quick and painless, it is widely considered a win-win treatment that can prevent cavities in all children’s mouths.

A representative for Solana Family Dental says, “It is essential to begin a solid oral care routine for your child as soon as you can. Proper, positive dental hygiene prevents cavities on their teeth and will ensure that they maintain their oral health with ease in the future.”

Patients who have made use of Solana Family Dental’s services have nothing but positive things to say about the clinic. On the Google platform, the Solana Beach dentistry expert has a perfect rating of 5/5 stars, with near 150 reviews. In a recent review, one user says, “I have to say I rave about Dr. Sandler to everyone I see. She is so gentle and efficient. Dr. Sandler and her staff make you feel at home on your first visit. For the first time, I think I can get my teeth truly in good enough shape. Dr. Sandler came in to repair a temporary crown on a Sunday and we got it done — just the two of us. Confidence is what I have in this team, including my cleaning! All great! Please never go away!”

Another reviewer remarks, “Does anybody really ‘love’ their dental visit? But dental hygiene is a fact of life, and both Dr. Sandler and the dental technicians who do the routine cleanings and inspections at Solana Family Dental are terrific. Of the ten dental offices where I've had work done (I've moved around quite a bit), I'd rate this one in the top two, and I can highly recommend them.”

Those who want to learn more about Solana Family Dental and the services are welcome to visit their website or their Facebook page to get started, where the clinic frequently posts updates, shares media and communicates with their patients. In addition to Facebook, the dental clinic can be reached via the contact form on their website. More information about the dental clinic can also be found at the following link: Dentist San Diego.


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