San Diego CA Heating and Air Conditioning Service Discusses Less Obvious Signs that Indicate an AC Repair is Needed

San Diego-based Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air has been providing quality air conditioning repair services to those in Southern California since 2007. Now they would like to share some of their knowledge by discussing some of the less obvious signs that indicate an AC system repair is needed. They say that even though an AC system may be functioning, if it’s not working at peak efficiency it can cost a home or business owner significantly more money to run.

“Many people assume that since their house is cool that their air conditioner is working fine but this is not always the case,” says the company spokesperson Scott Bergen. “An air conditioning system that is not working at near peak efficiency is almost as bad as one that’s not working at all. That’s why we want to take the time to discuss a few of the less obvious signs that an air conditioner repair is needed.”

The company spokesperson mentioned that such things as utility bills that are getting much higher than comparable months in previous years or having to crank the AC thermostat up very high to get even minimal cooling results are signs that most likely a component of the system is not working properly. He also mentioned that low air pressure coming through the vents and the AC system cycling on and off repeatedly in a short period indicates that there is a problem. It also can be the case where the air conditioning system makes strange squealing or banging noises when operating or a home or business owner notices excess water leakage or frost buildup on the outside condenser unit. Bergen added that qualified HVAC techs such as theirs can easily diagnose the cause of these types of AC Repair problems and offer solutions to them. He also says that someone can make sure their air conditioning system is kept functioning at a high level by having them do yearly tune-up service on it.

Many who have had the company do AC repairs for them have written glowing reviews stating how happy they were with Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air’s service. Tina Chang’s 5-star review states, “Nicholas has come out a few times to clean, service, and replace some parts in my AC unit. He is always super-friendly, professional, and very efficient. He even shared his knowledge by giving me tips on how to look after my AC so it would last longer and cost me less money in repairs in the long run. I totally trust these guys!” Bergen continued by saying that they are also eager to help out those that have AC system emergencies in the San Diego area. He explained that they respond very quickly to those that seek emergency AC repair help from them. Their emergency air conditioning repair services are also highly rated by those that have taken advantage of them. Deborah Skvarna says, “I contacted Tardy on a hot Saturday afternoon for an emergency A/C repair and they sent Jared within 2 hours. He was professional, competent, and after an assessment explained all our options. There was no uncomfortable ‘hard sell’ and we trusted his recommendations. He repaired our unit, saved us some money on future electric bills, and now we have a cool house! We highly recommend Tardy and Jared.”

Bergen also wanted to remind people that the company does much more than just air conditioning service and repairs. This includes offering a variety of different plumbing and heating repair services. They also supply and install complete HVAC systems, Mini-Split AC units, and Package Air Conditioning Units. Tarpy Plumbing Heating and Air is a BBB accredited business, Angie’s list super service award recipient, and a Home Advisor screened and approved service provider. He says they also offer an exclusive Tarpy Family Membership Plan which is designed to keep their customers' HVAC systems running at peak efficiency and help members avoid costly HVAC repairs. Those wishing to learn more about the heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services that this company offers can refer to their website which can be viewed at


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