San Diego Assisted Living Living Facility Now Ready To Welcome New Arrivals

Santee, CA based Lantern Crest Senior Living is reaching out to their community to announce that they are ready and willing to accept applications for new residents. Given current circumstances, the facility recognizes that many San Diego families will want to ensure their elderly loved ones have a safe and comfortable place to stay. It is Lantern Crest’s mission to provide this sanctuary. Learn more here: Assisted Living San Diego.

As far as Lantern Crest Senior Living is concerned, recent events have ultimately not led to a change in their priorities. The facility explains, “We have always made the health and comfort of our residents our utmost priority, and this meant we had to constantly assess and reassess each of our seniors to learn what works best for them. The COVID-19 pandemic is no different in this regard—we understood that several measures needed to be implemented to keep everyone at our facility safe, including the staff. These measures were brought up during our initial safety assessments, and they are currently in practice today. You would be hard-pressed to find a better place for your loved ones.”

In addition to their usual schedule, for instance, Lantern Crest Senior Living’s Life Enrichment Team circulates the grounds daily in order to bring an ‘Activity and Snack Cart’ to each of their residents. As the name implies, this cart holds a variety of delicious snacks, fresh fruits, puzzles, books/audiobooks, select toiletries, coloring pages or trivia pages and more that residents are free to choose from. While this is not considered a crucial aspect of the facility’s services, they believe that it is always better to help spread a little cheer in such times. The Activity and Snack Cart is simply one way they have come up with to achieve this goal.

However, their precautions extend far beyond helping their residents stay in a good mood. Each day’s meals are still being delivered at the appropriate times (breakfast, lunch and dinner), and Lantern Crest’s Culinary Team makes it a point to deliver each item by hand while abiding by the mandated safety measures. A menu for the following day’s choices is presented each evening at dinner, and residents are now accustomed to leaving these menus (with their preferences indicated) outside their doors for staff to collect.

Building on their reputation as an excellent independent living facility, Lantern Crest Senior Living believes that the steps they take to care for their residents in light of the pandemic should be combined fluidly with their existing practices. This is meant to help avoid alarming their residents unnecessarily as well as get them used to what may be the norm for some time to come. As such, while the facility now records each resident’s temperature every day, this additional procedure has been combined with the staff’s existing habit of asking them how they feel and answering any questions they may have. This helps Lantern Crest’s care providers stay in touch with each resident’s emotional and mental well being as well as their physical health.

It does not end there, however. Lantern Crest Senior Living, like any other company, relies on an effective Marketing Team to get their message out and connect with families in need of a home for their elderly loved ones. However, not every company has a Marketing Team that is willing to join in and make phone calls to their residents every day for the sole purpose of having a chat. Lantern Crest explains, “We are lucky to have very social residents living here at Lantern Crest and we knew the biggest challenge of protecting them from this virus would be the loss of their social interactions. Although many are taking it upon themselves to call each other and check in with one another, we hope calls from our Marketing Team would really help to lift their spirits.”

Families are encouraged to contact Lantern Crest Senior Living at the earliest opportunity in order to secure a place for their loved ones at the highly reputable assisted living facility. Further details can be found on Lantern Crest’s official website and social media platforms as well.


For more information about Lantern Crest Senior Living, contact the company here:

Lantern Crest Senior Living
(619) 258-8886
800 Lantern Crest Way, Santee, CA 92071