San Antonio Pest Control Expert Fears Local Bat Population Decimation Will Lead to an Increased Need for Mosquito Control

The recent cold spell in Texas has decimated the state’s bat population. This has one local pest control expert, Mike Davidson, worried about what impact this will have during mosquito season as these insects are one of bats favorite food sources. Fewer bats usually means more mosquitos. This could lead to the need for more homeowners to take proactive steps to keep down the mosquito populations around their yards. Davidson, who represents San Antonio’s Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services, says that the best way to do this is for those homeowners to hire pest professionals to undertake mosquito control steps around their property. More on how his company does this can be seen on their website.

Davidson stated, “Because of the harsh weather this past week in South Texas, the bat colonies that reside there have been significantly diminished. Thousands of bats appeared to have frozen to death. This should have a direct impact on the mosquito population in the area because a bats diet consists mostly of flying insects and mosquitos are a mainstay of that diet. That can mean a lot of uncomfortable outdoor times this spring and summer for a family if a homeowner doesn’t take action in an attempt to control the mosquito population in their yards.”

The company representative went on to say that a similar situation occurred in 2017 after Hurricane Harvey wreaked havoc in Texas and diminished bat populations resulted from that too. He says he can remember that after that it was a very busy season for their mosquito control services. It was also mentioned by him, that most people are under the impression that mosquitos roam large areas looking for the blood that’s their food source but this is not entirely true. Davidson says that most mosquitos are bred and born very near the areas where they prowl for food and make many outdoor events uncomfortable. This is why proper mosquito yard control is a great way to significantly reduce the amount of these annoying pests on a property.

He also mentioned that the millions of dollars that homeowners spend on store-bought mosquito repellent products not only have little impact on the number of mosquitos found near a home they also have no residual effect. This is not what a homeowner wants when it concerns an insect that’s widely considered to be one of the deadliest (The company’s website discusses the diseases that mosquitos often transmit) and the most annoying creatures on the planet. Professional mosquito control products not only eliminate a large number of mosquitoes when first applied but will also help keep them under control until another yard application is scheduled. Davidson went on to describe another reliable method for mosquito control that they are using besides spray treatments. After a thorough inspection of a customer’s property, they sometimes are asked to custom design what he described as a ‘misting system’. This system automatically helps control the mosquito population in a yard. He added that when these are placed in various locations around the perimeter of a home, they will periodically come on in short bursts to provide very effective and continual mosquito control.

The company representative also mentioned that mosquitos are not the only blood-sucking insects and bugs that they’ve had great success controlling with their advanced pest control methods. This includes their proven methods for treating yards for ticks and the insides of homes for bed bugs and fleas. They also can treat homes and businesses in the San Antonio area to control such pests as roaches, termites, spiders, rodents, birds, bees, and more. He pointed out that they provide a variety of essential residential and commercial lawn care services too. For more information on the mosquito and other pest control tasks that Bob Jenkins Pest & Lawn Services offers, Davidson stated they can be reached by phone, email, or by filling out the form that’s found on the ‘contact us’ page of their website.


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