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The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group, a San Antonio based law firm, would like to reach out to local residents who may be in need of assistance with Texas’ immigration laws and procedures. Texas sits right by the border with Mexico, meaning it is often the first place immigrants from anywhere south of the United States arrive (assuming they come by land). This makes cases related to immigration very common in Texas, and The Echavarria Law Firm is always looking to help people dealing with this complex legal field.

“The outcome of your immigration case has a significant impact on you and your family,” observes the firm. “Ultimately, the immigration process is often quite confusing, so most choose to hire an immigration law firm to get the best outcome and protect their legal rights. However, hiring an attorney is also a very selective process. Prospective applicants for family based immigration, visas, green cards, or citizenship need to find a competent immigration lawyer who will treat them fairly and represent them to the best of their ability. While many people get a recommendation for an immigration attorney from a reliable source, it is still important to choose the right law firm for your particular situation.”

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When looking for an immigration lawyer, there are a number of factors to consider if the case is to have the best chance of succeeding. For one, it is important to find an attorney with many years of experience, especially in the area of immigration law. Immigration cases are some of the most delicate in the field, so having a licensed immigration lawyer who focuses mainly on immigration law is, in many ways, the first step towards a successful outcome.

The right immigration lawyer can make a world of difference, especially in Texas where immigrant cases are very common. The courts likely hear dozens of cases every day, and having the right lawyer to guide the client through the process and follow the correct court procedures to ensure success can be the difference between receiving legal residency or citizenship and being asked to leave the United States altogether. A good way to weed out the inexperienced or bad lawyers when looking for an immigration attorney is to interview every potential lawyer directly. This involves asking questions about them and their firm in order to get some idea of what they have to offer and whether or not their methods are compatible with the client’s needs.

“Many immigrants in San Antonio, TX and the surrounding area have lived in the country for many years without having legal status, but are now interested in getting their legal residency,” says The Echavarria Law Firm. “There are also many United States citizens who want to help their loved ones gain lawful status or citizenship but do not understand the complicated immigration system enough to make it happen. If you or a family member live in San Antonio, TX or the surrounding areas, and find you are in this type of situation, it is best to speak with an experienced immigration lawyer about your case.”

The laws exist as they are to keep the residents safe while offering a legal process through which an interested party can immigrate and become a citizen. The laws are also complicated, sometimes needlessly so, but with the help of an experienced, qualified immigration attorney, a client can be sure to get the results they desire.

A number of clients have left great reviews of the firm on various platforms. One 5-Star Google review says, “Joseph Echavarria and his team have always been professional and very responsive to all of my questions. He is someone you can trust to look out for your best interests and outcome of your case. I have referred family to Joseph because I know their case will be handled in the best way possible.”

Another pleased client says, “During my time as a client, there was great response time to my emails and my phone calls. All my questions were answered with detail. Every interaction was professional but still caring. I would recommend this firm and utilize their services again if needed.”

The Echavarria Law Firm - South Texas Legal Group would be more than happy to help with any immigration related issues a client might have. They are welcome to reach out to Elizabeth F. Echavarria for more information as well.


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