Saint Investment Group Grows Their Digital Marketing Reach with Bliss Drive

Saint Investment Group, based in Irvine, CA, has announced a new partnership with the full-service digital marketing firm, Bliss Drive. Bliss Drive also has an office in Irvine, CA, as well as another location in Los Angeles, CA.

With this new partnership, Saint Investment Group is seeking to utilize the internet marketing and search engine optimization services of Bliss Drive to help Saint Investment Group reach potential investors across the country interested in learning about flexible, accessible investment opportunities.

Saint Investment Group is a real estate investment group with investments throughout the United States. As can be read on the Saint Investment Group website (, working with Saint Investment Group provides “ options for your financial goals,” while allowing investors to “choose what is best for [them] from multiple options.” The page continues on to say that Saint Investment Group “invests with you in each and every opportunity.”

According to the Saint Investment Group website, their main goal is to “offer streamlined access to opportunities previously reserved for only the wealthiest investors.” They do this by providing investors with an average target return (net of fees) of “10-15%” with fees that are “33% lower than the average fund model.”

Saint Investment Group is able to provide such high returns with lower than average fees, in part, due to their diversification. The Saint Investment Group website continues on to say that they have “over 1,000 investment options evaluated yearly,” “over 50 markets actively reviewing details,” and “over $100 m[illion] assets under management.” This diverse portfolio, combined with a team of experienced analysts, consultants and advisors allows Saint Investment Group to provide high average returns for their investors at a low risk and lower than average fees.

Readers interested in learning more about the Saint Investment Group and how to begin investing can click the following link to invest with Saint Investment. Saint Investment Group can also be contacted by phone at (323) 483-0291, by email at or via Instagram @saintinvestment.

To learn more about Bliss Drive, the California-based digital marketing agency that helps businesses across the country with their online marketing and search engine optimization efforts, visit the Bliss Drive website at


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