Safety at the Forefront Now for Reputable Atlanta Bus Rental Company

US Coachways has announced that they are being extremely proactive when it comes to making their Atlanta Bus Rental trips as safe as possible during the current virus crisis. This includes following all of the recommended procedures to disinfect their buses in-between trips. Traveling by bus into Atlanta also helps groups better control their risk to exposure as they move about the city. The company also reminds that in addition to virus prevention steps, those that use their Atlanta rental bus service will still get all of the comfort and conveniences that traveling in style on a luxury bus offers.

The company's CEO, Mark Telmany, says, “These are certainly unusual times that we live in that call for extreme measures. We at US Coachways are trying to do our part. Our staff is going the extra mile to make sure that the tour groups that use our services can be safe and do it with the utmost peace of mind. That means those who rent our buses can still have a great time as they go to events and destinations in and around the Atlanta area. There is enough stress and worry to go around these days so a bus trip to Atlanta in a more controlled environment may be just what you, your family, and your friends need.”

According to Telmany, safety is by far the biggest reason for renting buses from them to travel into Atlanta during the current virus crisis. He says it gives groups more control over their trip environment. People can travel around with family and friends that they know are being as cautious as possible when it comes to minimizing virus spread. Groups can also control the number of people they take and the bus size to establish their own social distancing comfort level. There is also no need to risk taking mass transportation to get around once in the city because the bus will always be available for short or long runs to the group’s next destination. Customers will get door to door service too which helps cut down on walking through crowded areas in Atlanta where people may have more exposure to the virus. This is not something to take lightly at this unusual time he says. The company spokesperson also noted that US Coachways is going to great lengths to keep their buses as safe and sanitary as possible. Once a bus has completed a group tour it goes through an extensive sanitation process. This includes the most commonly recommended cleaning and disinfection procedures. He says that the drivers are even performing extra sanitary measures while the group is away from the bus. Drivers also are complying with all DOT, CDC, and local regulations and are prepared to wear any required PPE as recommended by those in charge of current virus protocols in the Atlanta area.

The company spokesperson also wanted to let groups know that luxury bus rental trips with them into Atlanta still offer the utmost convenience too. That includes such things as groups being able to make their itinerary and schedule. He says that their drivers know the Atlanta area so well there are very few restrictions on where they will take groups. They are even very flexible if there are any last-minute adjustments to the destination list. Their drivers are also some of the friendliest, most professional, and courteous ones that can be found working in the industry. Telmany says that when taking one of their buses there also is no need to find parking places and even sitting in traffic is more enjoyable than if one drives themselves into the city. He reminds the public that group tours on their wide selection of luxury buses are also a very affordable option if one looks at it on a per-person basis. US Coachways has a convenient cost calculator on its website to show those who are planning a trip into Atlanta with them approximately how much that will cost.


For more information about US Coachways, contact the company here:

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