SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection Is Brookhaven's Highest Rated Mold Inspection and Testing Company

SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection Inc. is now Brookhaven's highest-rated mold testing and indoor air quality company. Jeremy Shelton founded the company in 2009. His team of toxic mold specialists provides all of Georgia with the highest quality inspection services. With Shelton's vast mold experience and his staff's commitment to serving their customers, it's no surprise why SafeAir has been one of the top mold inspection companies for the last decade.

In a recent review that SafeAir received on their Google My Business Profile, customer Kirk Wickers had this to say, "Working with SafeAir was great. I have severe allergies to mold and needed help testing a home that I was in the process of buying. I researched mold testing companies and chose SafeAir after speaking with Jeremy. Jeremy tested the home and did a great job. I had a report back promptly, and he answered all of my questions. I recommend them for all of your mold testing needs."

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SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection Inc. is one of only a handful of companies in Georgia that have their testing services performed by full-time employees. Several companies choose to subcontract inspections out to freelance inspectors, which often leads to an inferior service. SafeAir now has more than 150 perfect 5-star reviews online, and reviews like Mr. Wicker's are not uncommon. In another recent testimonial, Ronda Berggren describes his experience as "We had an exceptional experience with SafeAir. They were very helpful and answered all of my questions with the knowledgeable expertise of a true professional. I had my report several days later that answered all of my questions and provided steps to take to resolve my mold problem. I would definitely recommend them!"

As homeowners and employees spend more and more time at home due to the pandemic, the general public is becoming more aware of the importance of what is in the air they breathe. Homeowners should seriously consider having their home tested. Phone consultations are free, and the information provided by one of our experts could be life-saving.

To learn more about SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection, Inc., interested parties may contact Jeremy Shelton. They may also visit the company's website for further information. The latest news regarding the company can be found on their website.


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