SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection, An Atlanta Mold Testing Company, Receives Another 5 Star Review

SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection Inc., an Atlanta mold testing company, is one of the highest rated indoor air quality companies in the city. The locally owned and operated company has been a leader in mold assessments for more than 10 years. With decades of experience and the latest equipment at their disposal, Jeremy Shelton and his team are proud to be Atlanta’s go-to company.

In a recent review the company received on their Google My Business Profile, customer Jermaine Jackson had this to say, "We hired SafeAir to provide mold testing services because they do not provide mold remediation services. We needed non-biased testing and advice. They were also the most helpful prior to hiring them. Jeremy, who inspected our property, sat down with us and answered all of our questions and gave us great advice. The report they sent me was detailed and easy to understand. Jeremy also wore a mask and shoe covers, which we appreciated. We would recommend them to anyone who needs help with a mold problem.”

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SafeAir is one of the only mold inspection and testing companies with more than 120 5 Star Reviews and a perfect 5 Star rating. Reviews from customers like Jackson are a regular occurrence for the company. In another recent review, Eleanor Mullet describes her experience with the company, “We recently discovered extensive mold in a home we recently purchased. Jeremy, with SafeAir, was very helpful and experienced. SafeAir did an exceptional job explaining the complex mold remediation process. They were very helpful and guided me through the process from beginning to end with my best interest in mind. Most importantly, they gave me advice and consultation when working with the mold remediation contractor. SafeAir was a blessing!”

In this COVID-19 time, homeowners spend more and more time at home, meaning knowing what's in the air they're breathing becomes even more critical. Phone consultations are free, and the information provided may be life-saving.

To learn more about SafeAir Certified Mold Inspection, Inc., interested parties may contact Jeremy Shelton. They may also visit the company's website for further information. The latest news regarding the company can be found on their website.


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