Safe Voting for Seniors During Covid

Senior health is often a priority during any season, but especially so during the fall and winter months. With the current pandemic our country is facing, getting out to vote in the Election can be a scary thought to some seniors. Luckily, there are ways to safely vote this November and Senior Care Center encourages everyone to do so.

Typical voting measures often include close proximity to others, touching surfaces that many others have touched, and more. This year seniors have been encouraged to take advantage of mail-in ballots to help avoid potential exposure to Covid at local polling places,” the manager of Senior Care Center said.

The company says they encourage this voting option for local seniors because it’s a way to have their voice heard without compromising their health. Their vote gets counted and they never have to leave their house.

However, it’s also important to make sure you complete the ballot correctly,” the company added. “Remember to put your signature on the envelope or it won’t be counted and you may have to venture out in public to correct the issue.

The mail-in option is also only recommended when there is enough time for the ballot to be received. Another option is voting at the local county office, if available. Seniors will want to call ahead to see what procedures are in place for this option prior to visiting the location.

Early voting is highly recommended for seniors because there are typically shorter lines and fewer crowds. Not to mention it’s often a more simple process.

“Lastly, seniors may go to a polling place, and if they choose this option, it’s very critical that they take safety measures to lessen their risk of exposure. Wear your protective gear and maybe don some gloves, rather than relying on hand sanitizer. Bringing your own pen is a great option and definitely recommended,” the company said.

The time you visit the polling place is also critical. Obviously, mornings are the busiest and more crowded with longer lines. Therefore, we suggest waiting until midday when there is less likely as many people there. We also advise against chatting with poll workers to lessen your risk of exposure.”

It’s important that everyone’s voice is heard and especially during an Election. Seniors can still cast their vote during these challenging times and should not be discouraged by Covid. Senior Care Center is a senior placement agency that helps families find the best home for their loved ones. Visit them online at to learn more.


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