Safe Personal Alarm Provider Updates Website Design

SLFORCE LTD, a company that provides safe personal alarms, has announced that they have recently updated their website design. They had the design of their website modified to enhance its visual appeal, make it more responsive and mobile friendly, ensure compatibility with most web browsers, enhance SEO, and improve usability. This will ensure better site user experience and the website being able to display properly on various mobile gadgets.

Shahar, a representative for SLFORCE LTD, says, “We’re excited to announce that we have just completed a website design update. This is important in view of the rapidly changing online world. For instance, more and more people are now using mobile gadgets to access the Internet. With the limited screen area of such gadgets, websites that have been previously coded considering only the use of regular computers to access the website need to be updated. This will allow those who are using mobile gadgets to view the site properly. The site is also assured to display rapidly so that visitors won’t be wasting their time waiting for the site to load. Overall, this is part of our commitment to serve our customers to the best that we can.”

The personal alarms offered by SLFORCE LTD are for self-defense during those times when people unexpectedly find themselves in a dangerous situation, such as when they are suddenly attacked. These situations cannot be predicted so it is a good idea to be always ready. Unfortunately, many victims of assault are just too shocked to act rapidly and decisively to protect themselves or ask for help. This is where the SLFORCE personal alarm can come in handy.

They also want to point out that these personal alarms are great for women because 1 in 5 women in the United States are victims of assault. Also, women are often victims of sexual harassment, although some men may also get sexually harassed.

The SLFORCE emergency personal alarm has a number of characteristics that make it useful during such situations as described above. First of all, it is extremely loud, emitting a 130 dB sound that will surely attract the attention of other people even from afar. This is because it is as loud as a military jet taking off. Second, it has a smart and compact design, which means that it can easily be carried or attached to a bag, purse, or backpack for fast and easy access. Third, it is easy to use. All that is needed to activate its alarm is to pull its pin out. To stop the alarm, the pin is simply inserted back. The sound produced if allowed to continue may last for one hour. Fourth, it has a built-in LED flashlight that can come in handy when illuminating the dark and looking various belongings at night or finding the keyhole at night. And finally, it is an excellent security device for various kinds of people, including kids, teenagers, the elderly, women, joggers, students, and more.

Some of those who have tried using the emergency personal alarm have already provided highly positive reviews. For instance, Kidd, who gave the product a rating of five stars, said, “Easy to carry and clip on so it doesn't get lost and the alarm is loud as it should be. The light on it also works and is pretty bright.” Ann, who also gave the product a five star rating, said, “Package arrived on time and in excellent condition. The alarms are great and work as advertised, they provide peace of mind. Highly recommend. Please don't leave home without this great lil security gem!”

SLFORCE LTD is a developer of unique products for self-defense. To do that, they have a team of experienced engineers. Their goal is to ensure that all their customers are satisfied with the products that they provide.

Those who are interested in the personal alarms or other self-defense products may want to check out the SLFORCE LTD website at, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.


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