Safe Personal Alarm Company Publishes New Blog Post on How to Ensure Safety at a Night Out

SLFORCE LTD, a company that produces safe personal alarms, has revealed that they have recently posted an article on their blog page that offers suggestions on how to ensure safety when enjoying a night out. Indeed, staying safe during a night out can be quite difficult in today’s modern society. Nevertheless, knowing certain tips may help and having a self-defense device, such as the safe personal alarm from SLFORCE, may be able to ensure a person’s safety at night. More about this can be gleaned from the blog post at

Shahar from SLFORCE LTD says, “Staying safe at night is a challenge in today's society. And even if it's not, still take care while you enjoy a night out. Fear of crime, especially at night, makes us uneasy. But we don't want you to stop going out because of it, and you also want to go out and enjoy the world at night. We at SLFORCE make sure you stay safe with our innovative products like Self-Defense Alarm. There are simple yet effective ways to stay safe at night.”

One of the important ways to stay safe is to always inform somebody who is trustworthy about one’s plan to go for a night out. And it is vital to keep in touch with that trusted someone to ensure that he or she always knows one’s location and situation. It may also be a good idea to agree on a particular secret code with that trustworthy acquaintance to be able to communicate secretly that one may be in danger. Some apps like FindMyFriends may also help.

Another important tip to ensure safety during a night out is to carefully examine the roadmap to one’s destination. This will help ensure that one will not get lost and end up in the wrong place or wrong road, which could be dangerous. Studying the roadmap will also ensure that the travel time will be minimized. It is also safer to be familiar with the route in case anything dangerous happens.

Another vital tip is to always carry one’s keys in the hand, instead of bringing along a backpack or purse. This is because carrying the keys in the hand will provide the impression that one is going to one’s home nearby. It also gives a potential attacker the idea that one is familiar with the surroundings. Meanwhile, carrying a backpack or purse will make a person prone to theft attacks, so it would be advisable not have them during a night out.

And the last tip is to always bring along a self-defense alarm like the one offered by SLFORCE. This particular device is more effective than screaming for help because simply pulling on the hand strap will cause the device to emit a screaming siren at 130 decibels, which is as loud as a military jet taking off. This can distract the would-be attacker, allowing a person to attract attention and even run away from the scene.

The personal alarms available from SLFORCE LTD may be able to help those who are about to be robbed or sexually harassed or raped. What potential victims can do during such a situation is to scream as loud as they can to attract other people’s attention. This will often discourage potential attackers and they will usually flee the scene. The personal alarm makes it easier for potential victims to get the attention of other people in the area, especially if for some reason they are unable to scream. The device emits an extremely loud 130dB siren or alarm. This alarm can easily be activated by pulling out the pin. It can also be easily shut off by placing the pin back in place. It is easy to bring along and it has a built-in LED flashlight, which can be particularly useful, especially when walking at night.

Those interested in learning more about ensuring personal safety and the safe personal alarms or other self-defense devices may want to check out the SLFORCE LTD website, or contact them on the phone, or through email.


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