S. Tyler Rutherford Joined Carabin Shaw Law Firm

San Antonio, TX based Carabin Shaw P.C. is pleased to announce that S. Tyler Rutherford has now joined their ranks. The firm was founded nearly 30 years ago to bring the expertise of dedicated attorneys to members of the community who had been involved in accidents. Today, they assert that Rutherford’s arrival will help them press forward in achieving this mandate. Learn more about the firm, their services and their team of attorneys at the following link: https://www.Carabinshaw.com.

According to Carabin Shaw P.C., “S. Tyler Rutherford handles complex litigation and personal injury law at Carabin Shaw. A Cum Laude graduate of St. Mary's University School of Law and a member of Mensa, Mr. Rutherford spent years in private practice before joining Carabin Shaw. Employment law, insurance litigation, construction law and civil litigation are among his many areas of specialization. He offers personal, one-on-one contact for his clients and advises them how the process works, giving them up-to-date information on the status of their cases.”

They continue, “A native San Antonian, Mr. Rutherford enjoys the cultural diversity that is uniquely San Antonio. If he hadn't become a lawyer, he would have chosen to be a social worker. Mr. Rutherford actively supports SAMMinistries, the Salvation Army and Doctors Without Borders. An avid photographer, Mr. Rutherford enjoys Fotoseptiembre, as well as cycling, kayaking in open water and longboarding.” Regarding his position within the firm and the work he will be doing, Rutherford himself comments that, “The best part of my job is assisting the injured and economically disadvantaged get the justice they deserve.” Learn more here: https://www.no1-lawyer.com.

Carabin Shaw P.C.’s purview extends to a wide array of legal fields that fall under the general umbrella of Personal Injury Law. However, the firm states that their sense of duty can be boiled down to one simple belief: the party injured at the expense of another’s negligence is due compensation for any injuries, distress or financial trouble that occur as a result of the accident. Wielding over 200 years of combined experience on behalf of their clients—a figure that has now been bolstered by Rutherford—the firm makes it their mission to stand up for victims against the parties responsible for their accidents as well the insurance companies that attempt to deny them the compensation they deserve.

As part of this commitment to their community, the firm takes every measure possible to ensure that they help all who approach them. For instance, their clients are often pleased to discover that the firm offers free consultations to anyone in need of legal advice (regardless of whether such advice involves auto accidents, trucking accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, worksite accidents and so on). They believe in taking a personalized and attentive approach to every case they take on, keeping their clients informed throughout the process.

Furthermore, Carabin Shaw P.C. also understands that a victim of an accident may face a variety of challenging and numerous obstacles in the aftermath. Here too, however, they do their utmost to support their clients by locating emergency financial support, providing transportation options if necessary and more.

Notably, while the firm may find themselves unable to offer their assistance in certain circumstances, they will also attempt to find another party who can. As such, they state that those who would like to explore their options following a personal injury, particularly where the injury in question was sustained in an accident, should also visit this website. Here, they may learn more about their case or forward their inquiries directly to Sandra D. Laurel of the Ford & Laurel Law Office, a Board Certified expert in Personal Injury Law (who has a great deal of experience in the state of Texas).

Similarly, those who would like to explore the services of Carabin Shaw P.C. are encouraged to visit their official website to get started. On the other hand, should they wish to personally discuss a potential case with a representative from the firm, they are welcome to get in touch with James Shaw of Carabin Shaw P.C. The firm can also be reached through their social media platforms where they regularly share updates, post general information (that can help their clients navigate the legal system) and communicate with their followers.


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