RV Park in Pensacola Discusses Possible Winter Propane Shortage

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Pensacola, Fla. — With a colder than normal winter prediction in place and a rumored propane shortage in the U.S., many individuals are worried that they might not be able to heat their living spaces this winter. A bayfront RV Park in Pensacola, FL is discussing the current state of propane availability and price in the U.S. and explaining how this shortage could affect RV owners.

According to RV Life Magazine, “propane prices are currently higher than they have been since 2014, and national stockpiles are being stretched thin due to high demand inside and outside the country. According to the U.S. Energy Administration, it’s projected that about half of the Americans who use propane to heat their homes will spend 54% more than in previous years. However, despite these troubling trends, it seems unlikely that the country will completely run out of propane during the winter, as the U.S. is one of the top propane suppliers and is capable of increasing production to prevent a major crisis. Supplies may be somewhat limited, and it’s likely (and almost inevitable) that the prices will be higher in the winter of 2021.”

For people who live year-round in RV parks and in RVs, a propane shortage could be quite problematic. Many rely on propane for their heating system and as fuel to cook, heat water for showers, etc. Therefore, having a solely propane-fueled RV this winter is unrealistic and unadvisable. Alternatively, RVers could research battery or solar-powered options for heat this season instead. Keeping RVs well insulated and stocking up on items that don’t need propane to help one stay warm, such as blankets and gas-powered heaters, is also advised.

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