Rusty Angler Shares List of 2021 Free Fishing Days for Every State

For people who want to try the sport of fishing with little risk, free fishing days are available in every state and the District of Columbia. Rusty Angler recently shared a list of the 2021 free fishing days for every state.

“Free fishing days allow new and experienced anglers alike to fish without a license,” said Russell Conner, owner of Rusty Angler, a website that offers fishing tips and techniques. “This is a great opportunity for those new to the sport of fishing to try the sport with little risk or expense. Free fishing days also provide an opportunity for experienced anglers to try fishing spots in other states without having to get a non-resident fishing license.”

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Most of the free fishing days are scheduled to coincide with National Fishing and Boat Week (NFBW), which is typically scheduled for the first full week of June. In 2021, NFBW falls during the week of June 5 through 13. Most states are holding their free fishing days or weekends during June 5 and 6 and June 12 and 13 (which corresponds to Father’s Day).

The Independence Day holiday is also a popular weekend for free fishing, with California, Maryland, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina scheduling their free fishing days on or near July 4th.

Visitors to Hawaii will be pleased to know that the state offers free marine fishing year-round. In Alaska, children younger than 16 and people older than 60 can fish for free all year long.

Some states have free fishing days for different types of fishing. For example, Florida has scheduled free freshwater fishing days on April 3-4 and June 12-13 and free saltwater fishing days on June 5-6, September 4, and November 27. The state of Massachusetts has free freshwater fishing on June 5-6 and free saltwater fishing days on June 12 and 13.

In Minnesota, there are three weekends available to residents of Minnesota—each with a different theme. May 8 to 9 is “Take Mom Fishing Weekend,” while June 11 to 13 is “Take A Kid Fishing Weekend.” From January 15 to 17, Minnesota residents can participate in “Take A Kid Ice Fishing Weekend.”

“Many states schedule special events during free fishing weekends,” said Conner. “These might include how-to clinics, fishing derbies, and boat parades. States like Texas release catfish during free fishing days to help ensure that novice anglers get a bite or two.”

Before heading out to enjoy a free fishing day, be sure to visit a state’s fish and wildlife department website for more details on participating locations (typically public lakes and rivers) and other requirements.

“Free fishing days are great opportunities for teaching kids how to fish,” said Conner. “However, many states do not require fishing licenses for children under the age of 15.”

Rusty Angler offers a variety of information on fishing tips, techniques, and gear recommendations, including how to choose bait, tackle boxes, lures, rods, and reels. The site also provides information on fishing for bass, catfish, pike, panfish, trout, walleye, and inshore saltwater fish. The site also sponsors regular giveaways of fishing-related gear and equipment.


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