Rusty Angler Offers Insider Tips for Successful Fall Trout Fishing

As Americans prepare to gather for the holidays, avid anglers give thanks for the ideal conditions that make late fall the perfect time for trout fishing. Because trout need more oxygen than other types of fish, the colder and oxygen-rich fall waters create conditions that are ideal for active and hungry trout.

Fall fly fishing on a late afternoon is one of the most enjoyable times to fish,” said Russell Conner, owner of Rusty Angler, a website that offers fishing tips and techniques. “The waters are not so crowded, and fly fishing for trout is at its peak.”

trout fishing

Some of the top flies for fall trout fishing include the Piscifun Dry, Flies Direct BH Prince Nymph, Flies Direct Elk Hair Caddis Olive, Tungsten Missile, Cannon’s Olive Bunny Dun, Zebra Midge, Moto’s Minnow, Schroeder’s Hi-Vis Hopper, Quick Sight Beetle, and the Zug Bug.

“Fall trout fishing offers such a variety of flies to choose from,” said Conner. “Experimenting with a few is always a good idea. As always, weather conditions will determine which flies work the best.”

Rusty Angler’s recommendations for the best bug lures for fall trout fishing include spinning lures that match the movements of various land bugs such as grasshoppers and beetles. Some recommendations include Rapala’s Blue Fox Vibrax, the Panther Martin, and Joe’s Flies Short Striker.

“Right after Thanksgiving, there are many places to find trout get their first frost,” says Conner. “This is when grasshopper rigs and black beetles with bright colors are ideal for attracting trout.” Some recommendations include the Rebel Crickhopper and the Trick Trout Grasshopper.

Rusty Angler also provides interesting facts and tips for fishing for lake trout. For example, the largest trout caught with a net weight was a whopping 102 pounds and 50 inches long. The largest trout caught with a rod and reel came in at an astounding 72 pounds and 59 inches.

Lake trout come in three basic varieties. First and foremost is the ubiquitous common lake trout, which make up the majority of trout found in lakes. Larger and harder to find, Siscowet Lake Trout are found in the deep waters of Lake Superior. Finally, the rarest of all is the Rare Rush Lake Trout. Tasty and fat, these trout are only found in one lake on the Upper Peninsula in Michigan. Interestingly, some species of trout will interbreed, which creates a hybrid known as a splake.

Because lake trout have a lifespan of 50 to 60 years, it is important to release any smaller trout so they have time to grow and spawn. When fishing for lake trout, the best bait is live minnows. When using lures, choose those that mimic these small baitfish and keep them active and moving.

The Rusty Angler offers fishing tips, techniques, and gear recommendations, including recommendations for lures, bait, tackle boxes, rods, and reels. In addition to trout fishing advice, the site also provides information on fishing for bass, catfish, pike, panfish, walleye, and inshore saltwater fish. The site sponsors regular giveaways of fishing-related gear and equipment.


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