Rubber Roofing Expert: Why Flat Roofs Improve Curb Appeal in Denver

CO-based Roper Roofing & Solar has published a blog post that aims to educate their community about flat roofs and why they may be an excellent investment for a Denver home. The company specializes in the installation, maintenance, and repair of all kinds of roofing, from rubber and metal to asphalt and more. Given their years of experience in the field, the company’s insight can prove quite useful for many local homeowners.

“Aesthetic modernization isn't a one-way street,” says Roper Roofing & Solar in the post, “because flat roofs can give you an immediate modern residential look without sacrificing your property's protective functionality and capacity. However, having a flat roof is a drastic step for already-built and aged residential properties. Truthfully, it's a wise renovation choice because it will add further estate value. On the other hand, the renovation will take much more time and resources before it materializes.”

One of the reasons a flat roof instantly presents itself as a modern upgrade is the fact that its orientation alone opens up many opportunities for roofing materials and design choices. The company says that flat roofs offer a degree of versatility that sloped, high-angle roofs usually cannot, and most people have also come to directly associate the latter with a classic style from a retiring era.

Similarly, flat roofs have an inherently practical appearance given their minimalistic design, and this impression is bolstered by the fact that virtually any number of other installations can be built atop it to suit the property owner’s needs or preferences. The Roper Roofing & Solar blog post also points out that roofs with a large slope tend to rise well above the rest of the house due to their sheer angle. As a result, the roof can make up a large part of the house’s visual aesthetic, for better or worse. Investing in a flat roof, however, can lead to more prominence being placed on the house’s sidings, windows, and doors.

While a homeowner is more likely to hire a contractor to install their new roof, the company always encourages their community to learn more about the topic at every opportunity. This will help them keep up with the roof’s progress and track whether their contractor is doing exactly as they claimed — although the latter tends to be less necessary when working with a reputable roofer. The same is true here.

The company says, “A lot goes into the build-up between the waterproof surface of the roof and the ceiling in the room below. This includes structural joists to hold up a roof deck (usually of timber boarding), a suitable membrane to reduce the risk of condensation, and a layer of insulation to keep the warmth in.” Flat roof systems come in two distinct varieties, defined by whether the insulation is situated above or below the structural roof deck.

What is known today as a ‘cold roof’ was once the preferred method in roof construction; the company explains that this requires the insulation to be packed directly above the internal ceiling finish, in-between the joists, with a ventilation gap above. The result of this is a deck that is outside the house’s centrally heated thermal envelope (hence the name). The issue is that this process can be more difficult, and it is more likely that the deck and joists will become affected by condensation. In turn, this could lead to dampness, distortion, and decay.

Conversely, the insulation could be placed above the structural roof deck, creating what is known as a ‘warm roof.’ This is the recommended technique for modern roofing systems.

The post concludes, “Ensuring the structure is made weatherproof by applying a suitable watertight covering is incredibly important for any roof design, but it’s also got to look attractive. The main options for a flat roof are reinforced bitumen membranes (RBM), single ply membranes, and liquid applied systems.”

Those looking for more information on flat roofs are welcome to contact Brent Roper of Roper Roofing today. The company will be pleased to provide an estimate for any installations a homeowner may wish to conduct. Roper Roofing also provides metal roofing, PVC roofing, torch down roofing, and rubber roofing in Denver, among many other services. Visit their official website for more.


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