RSABill Inc Offers Medical Billing with Predictable Measurable Result

RSABill Inc, a company based in Santa, CA, offers comprehensive medical billing services for physicians with measurable results. Each billing team of the company is focused on a certain specialty and the members work collectively to make sure that all steps in the billing process have been undertaken accurately and timely. They use a billing template that has been proven to successful in getting the maximum reimbursement for the physician.

The RSABill template for success has a number of features. These include: precise patient demographic information and insurance registration data; assurance of appropriate coding to achieve the highest possible amount of reimbursement; payment posting that carefully considers proper claim processing; and focus on accounts receivable auditing and management.

RSABill Medical Billing Company in California

Juli Quinn, founder of RSABill Inc, says, “If you are not sure that you are being paid properly for your hard work, try the billing performance calculator. This online calculator that you can access on our site will tell you if you are collecting what you really deserve. It will also tell you how much money has gone uncollected.”

Their service stands out among the crowd due to a number of factors, such as: high performance measurable results; a US based staff model; and mutual respect billing agreement. They are able to ensure high performance measurable results because the RSABill template has been proven to provide the highest possible reimbursement.

The team members of RSABill have been highly trained not just on AMA and CPT billing guidelines, but also on determining local carriers. They are also familiar with regional IPA / medical groups, and they all take part in continuing education, and their coders are certified. Their specialty specific team members are also experts with regards to coding nuances. The team approach that they undertake means four or more billing specialists will work for the benefit of a particular client to offer optimum output, cross training, and ultimately optimum return for the physician’s practice.

Several clients have provided highly positive reviews for the services they have received from RSABill Inc. For instance, Jeffrey I. said, “RSA has been doing our billing since 2007. Prior to that, we kept billing from within our office. We found that RSA was able to increase our collections. With the every changing world of coding and billing, Juli and RSA stay up to date with all changes. They are also very helpful with changes in contracting and Medicare updates. They also deal with patients and their billing complaints so the office staff are able to stay removed from that frustrating part of private practice. RSA staff are also very good at answering coding questions and follow up to denied claims. I highly recommend RSA Billing and have referred a number of physicians over the last decade.”

The company was founded in 2001 by Juli A. Quinn as RSA Medical Billing & Consulting Group. She was soon joined by Sherie Dickey to help in providing direction for the company. Since the start, they have set as their mission the provision of a support team to allow the private practice physician be a successful and profitable entrepreneur while not compromising their provision of exceptional patient care. Over the years, the medical care industry has evolved and at present the company has already been incorporated as RSABill Inc while Juli has married and is now Juli Quinn. Physicians have evolved into better business people in order to cope with the more challenging environment. But what hasn’t changed is that the team led by Juli and Sherie continue to be focused on offering support for private physician practice. And the greatest need is prompt billing that ensures physicians get paid properly for the work they performed. And that is what RSABill is focused on.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by RSABill Inc can check out their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.


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