Route 12 Dumpsters Provides Dumpster Rental Service In Fitchburg, MA

Leominster, MA based Route 12 Dumpsters is pleased to announce that they offer quality and affordable dumpster rental services to residential and commercial property owners in Fitchburg, MA and the surrounding areas. The company is committed to helping all their customers manage their bulk waste.

As noted on their website, the company’s dumpster rental and waste management solutions are available to customers in Fitchburg, Lunenburg, Winchester, Leominster, Sterling and nearby areas. Dumpster rental and junk removal refer to two distinct services, according to Route 12 Dumpsters, and customers are welcome to pick one or the other (or both) depending on their needs.

Route 12 Dumpsters - Dumpster Rental Fitchburg MA

Those who have the time to manage their own waste but do not have a dumpster of their own may request Route 12 Dumpsters’ dumpster rental services. The company will simply deliver the dumpster, and the customer may perform the junk removal by themselves. The dumpsters will then be retrieved by the company once the rental period is over. Meanwhile, customers who do not want to manage their waste on their own may avail themselves of the company’s professional junk removal services. Here, Route 12 Dumpsters will send both the dumpster and experienced personnel to pick up the junk from their customer’s home or business. Property owners will also no longer have to worry about waste disposal if they use the company’s professional junk removal services.

Route 12 Dumpsters can move all types of junk in bulk, which is perfect for homes and businesses that regularly generate lots of waste. Those who prefer to hire only the dumpster rental service may choose among the different types of dumpsters that Route 12 Dumpsters offers. One of their most popular options is a 10-yard dumpster which costs $350 and can carry 1 ton of waste (with a rental period of 5 days). A 15-yard dumpster, which costs $480 and can carry 2 tons of waste (with a rental period of 5 days) is also available for rent. Finally, customers can also choose a 20-yard dumpster that costs $590 and can carry 3 tons of waste (with a rental period of 5 days). The rental duration can also be extended at $10/day. Similarly, the weight limit can also be adjusted for a minimum of $140/ton.

Route 12 Dumpsters does not exclusively assist customers who need help with junk removal. They also offer their aid to those who need the right tools to move various objects in bulk, such as firewood. Aside from commercial and construction dumpster rental for business customers, they also offer residential dumpster rental that is suitable for renovation, demolition, construction, yard/landscaping maintenance and major home cleanout projects. As such, it is recommended that customers take the time to determine which dumpster size perfectly fits their needs.

Meanwhile, customers who opt for Route 12 Dumpsters’ professional junk removal services may choose between four options. For $99, customers can avail a single item pick-out, which can be a couch, chair, refrigerator, television, mattress, desk, computer, printer and so on. For $212, customers can avail the ‘25% load’ that is equal to two pickup loads. Meanwhile, the ‘50% load,’ which costs $424, is equivalent to having four pickup loads. Customers can also choose the ‘75% load,’ which costs $636 and is equivalent to having six pickup loads. Finally, Route 12 Dumpsters also offers a ‘full load’ service, which costs $850 and is equivalent to having eight pickup loads.

Route 12 Dumpsters guarantees that they use sturdy and well-maintained dumping containers to ensure that customers will be able to dispose of their waste and other unwanted items safely and efficiently. Route 12 Dumpsters also ensures that prospective customers will receive the best possible service that they can provide. When asked about their dumpster rental and junk removal services, the company spokesperson said, “We strive to be completely professional in our approach to every job. We give the customer all the freedom they need to load up the dumpster, and we arrive at exactly the agreed pick-up time to haul it and its content away. All the arrangements can be done online or over the phone. It doesn’t get easier than this.”

Residential and commercial property owners who need dumpster rental and junk removal services in Fitchburg, MA and the surrounding areas are welcome to contact Route 12 Dumpsters to get started. Customers may also connect with Route 12 Dumpsters on social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements. Learn more here:


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