Round Rock Tree Service Company Releases Summer Tree Care Video

A top tree service company in Round Rock, TX has release a video to provide tree owners with summer time tips to keep their trees healthy and strong going into the winter season. The video covers some common mistakes made by tree owners especially during the summer.

An interesting point noted in the video is that although moisture levels might dip a little during summer, it does not mean that trees need to be over watered to keep them hydrated. It may come as a surprise to many, however, trees, shrubberies, and other plant life can get too much water in the summer, which can be detrimental to their health. The video points out a good rule of thumb when determining if a tree requires more water. The person should check the condition of the soil near the tree. A deep level of sand and clay is a sign the tree has reached its saturation point. More water would not be necessary at this time.

Tree Service Professionals

The complete video can be viewed by visiting this link:

Round Rock Tree Experts is a family-owned tree service with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Round Rock & Travis counties. The company’s goal is to provide exceptional tree service to all residential and commercial clients looking to maintain or improve the natural surroundings of their homes and businesses. The company is accepting new customers and as an incentive offering a 20% special spring discount. This includes all services including tree removal, tree trimming, and arborist service.

When asked, why tree owners should consider working with professional tree service providers, company representative, Ford Isaias, had this to say. “Looking at a tree, it is easy to assume that tree care services such as trimming, pruning, etc. are simple. This, however, is not the case for most tree services. If you do not have tree service experience and the right tree care gear, attempting to prune or trim a tree could result in fatal falls and permanent injuries. Additionally, you may end up damaging your home or property, or damaging the tree itself.”

Round Rock Tree Experts have on staff certified arborists. Tree owners can have peace of mind when working with a tree service company with specialists such as this on staff. Certified arborists are more than qualified to investigate all types of trees, determine what is wrong, and come up with a solution that offers the best results quickly.

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